Cheryl HuiVocal and Piano (Classical) Instructor

    Piano Instructor, Department of Classical Music Performance
    International Young Musicians Music Competition Vienna 2021
    Teacher Award Merit

    Dedicated to Classical Music Since Childhood, with Outstanding Competition Results
    Hui has been engaged in classical music since the age of six, and she has received numerous prizes in music competitions throughout her secondary and university studies. She served as the church youth group’s pianist, as an accompaniment for students taking ABRSM exams, and has competed in the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association competitions numerous times with great results.

    Continuing to Improve Music Proficiency through Creative and Fun Teaching Methods
    Ms. Cheryl Hui holds a Grade 8 Piano Certificate and a Grade 5 Music Theory Certificate from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). She also intends to earn further piano performance certificates and pursue music-related courses in order to develop her musical talents and knowledge so that she can share her piano skills with pupils while teaching.

    Prepared Innovative Teaching Strategies to Increase Students’ Interest in Music
    Ms. Cheryl Hui’s teaching materials will be organized based on the students’ interests and musical levels, with a focus on score reading, rhythm, and finger strength. She feels that patience and inventiveness are essential in increasing children’s enthusiasm in music study, and that components of listening and singing are essential.