【CTgoodjobs Interview】

 In 2021
“Baron School of Music” Ronald Ng – Music Concept
【CTgoodjobs Interview】
Students of Baron School of Music have received huge attention from all major media 🔊🔥🔥🔊🔥🔥
Since Gigi Young, a student from Lyric-Writing Department of Baron School of Music, has successfully become a new lyricist at Music Nation through our ✨Music Selection Event✨, she has continuously received the attention of major media and interviews to share her experiences in the industry 📸📸.
I was invited by @CTgoodjobs to share the experience about being from a lyric-writing student to the fellow of Mirror and Error this time🥳🥳.
🤩🤩 Want to know more about Gigi’s career development, click the following link to learn more right now!