Individual Course

Individual Musical Training Areas

  • Vocal ( Pop / Classical / Musical )
  • Piano ( Pop / Classical )
  • Electric guitar
  • Saxophone
  • Bass guitar
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Lyric-Writing
  • Violin
  • Digital Music Production
  • Cello
  • Composition and Arrangement
  • French Horn
  • Movie Soundtrack
  • Clarinet
  • Recording and Mixing Production
  • Trumpet
  • Human Beatbox
  • Music theory
  • Drum Sets
  • Harp
  • DJ ( DJ Mixing, DJ Scratching, Finger Drumming, EDM)

Assessment Criteria

  • The school will assess each student before the end of each semester, and assess the level according to the performance during the lesson and student Concert Practice.
  • The performance of classical instrument students will be assessed in accordance with the standards of the Royal Academy of Music. If the student does not have a certificate from the Royal Academy of Music, the school may use their performance in the interview.
  • The school encourages students to take the Royal Academy of Music examination, the Trinity College London, and the Rock School examination, but it is not mandatory.

Students Performamce

The school will regularly hold concert practice for students to participate. Our school instructor will also act as a judge, and they will give comments and improvement methods based on the performance of the students, so that the students can improve their singing/performance skills.