Words From President


Ronald Ng

President of Baron School of Music

Baron School of Music has started an unprecedented musical journey with everyone since 2006. As the founder of Baron School of Music, I truly feel the support from our faculties, instructors and students, various organizations, and many musicians. Baron School of Music deeply appreciates everyone’s support. We will continually enhance the quality of teaching and pursue the musical education can become universal in Hong Kong.

I still remember the words from my senior when I was studying in the United States “You got a great potential to be a successful musician, not because you are a genius, simply because you really fall in love with music and got a deep feeling towards it. So don’t lose it!” The journey of music has never been easy and “success” is not inevitable. However as long as you “love music” and you are willing to work hard and practice continually, you already have the greatest element in learning music.

I hope that Baron School of Music will continually cultivate more talented music lovers, and let Hong Kong’s music keep on shining.