About BSM

Baron School of Music is the first professional academy in Hong Kong that combines popular and classical music education. It was founded by Hong Kong music composer Mr. Ronald Ng. Baron School of Music is committed to exploring and cultivating a new generation of all kinds of musicians, and to help students who are interested in pursuing a career in the music industry. In terms of faculty, Baron Schoo of Music gathers the top musician in the music industry. Most of our instructors have a certain reputation in the music industry and have the greatest experiences, and we have a certain network of contacts in the industry as well. Students are more likely to learn from the instructors’ experience to pursue a career in the music industry, and through the recommendation of our instructors, expanding the network to increase opportunities.

Star-Rated Instructors

Various courses are taught by more than 70 professional instructors. Instructors including Nancy Loo,李廷強、Albert Leung林夕、Peter Kam 金培達、Steven Ip葉富生、Victor Tse 謝國維、Harry Ng Chung-hang 伍仲衡、Vicky Fung 馮穎琪、Joe Lei 李峻一、Dennie Wong 黃丹儀, etc. serve as school consultants, department directors or instructors. Many of the instructors are experienced and pop musicians. They are all participating in monitoring the quality of teaching, curriculum design, and teaching.

Teaching Philosophy

Baron School of Music is committed to breaking through the inherent mode of separating popular music and classical music in traditional music education. We aim to provide a platform for popular and classical music to have a sharable play area and cultivating a new generation of all-around musicians.

We deeply believe that “classical music” will provide comprehensive training of knowledge and ability and it will be beneficial for students in the long-term development. A systematic “music theory” allows students to have a deep understanding of the language form of music, plus the indispensable “ear training” to build up a solid foundation of music. If students can flexibly integrate these musical concepts, they will not only enhance their performance on stage but also create unlimited possibilities in the changeable and free-ranging of “pop music”.

We truly believe in addition to musical training in the curriculum, students can achieve a comprehensive improvement of musical skills by participated in music activities on different platforms and cooperation opportunities between students. We’re not only providing more exchanges and internships for students from different musical backgrounds, but also they will meet musicians from different music genres and departments. This will lead our students to a more successful musical path, no matter they are classical music or popular music, stage front or behind the scene, and broaden their musical horizons.

Teaching Objective

  • Promote universal music education
  • Cultivate a new generation of music talents for the music industry in Hong Kong and neighboring regions
  • Provide more diversified learning opportunities, launch high-quality and brand-new activities and courses
  • Gather the best instructors and provide the highest quality music education
  • Explore and promote opportunities for music exchange and cooperation locally and overseas to enrich students’ learning experience
  • Promote the importance of intellectual property





  • | 音樂製作及科技
  • | 填詞
  • | 錄音及混音製作


  • | 聲樂
  • | 古典音樂演奏
  • | 流行音樂演奏
  • | Beatbox & Rap
  • | DJ (捽碟/混音)