Ernestine HoVocal Instructor

    Pop Music Vocal Instructor, Department of Vocal, Baron School of Music
    Leading Actress of “The Sound of Music” Musical
    Bachelor of Arts, School of Drama, Academy of Performing Arts

    Experienced Instructor in Performing Among the Music Industry
    Ms. Ho outstanding performance makes her won the HSBC Charity Fund-Hong Kong and Mainland Student Exchange Scholarship, and she went to Beijing and the United Kingdom for artistic exchanges. She was also sponsored by EF International Language School to study in New York.

    • Bachelor of Drama, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Major in Acting)
    • Harrow International School, Bangkok
    • Grade 8 in Practical Singing, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)

    Participated in more than 40 Musicals
    Ms. Ernestine, who graduated from the School of Drama of the Hong Kong Academy for
    Performing Arts, has many years of experience in musical performances. She has participated in many famous musicals and acted as the leading actress of the musicals. These include:

    • “Matteo Ricci The Musical” (利瑪竇音樂劇)
    • “祝你女途愉快”
    • “頂頭鎚”
    • “路比與嫲嫲的鐵路五號”
    • “朝暮有情人”
    • “The Sound of Music”
    • “Props Story”
    • “仲夏夜之夢”
    • “惜食無剩食”
    • “1894 Hong Kong Plague”
    • “Czechmate 1968”
    • “Annie”
    • “Musical Demonstration Tour 2015”
    • “2047”
    • “I’m Perfect”
    • “Hello, Dolly!”, etc.

    In the meantime, Ms. Ernestine is also active in commercial dubbing work, including:

    • Nintendo “Animal Crossing Friends” commercial series
    • SOGO Thankful week commercial
    • Siemens Digital Manual
    • Hang Seng p2p app
    • Promise Co., Ltd
    • Colgate toothpaste
    • Hong Kong Annuity Plan Promotional Video
    • Nintendo “Big Brain Academy”
    • Olay Essence Whitening commerica
    • PARKnSHOP SUPA Thanksgiving Festival
    • Atome commercial
    • Kellogg’s Super Berry Granola
    • MTR “Fight the Virus” video
    • 1010 e-Parking App video
    • Chubb travel insurance advertisement, etc.

    Stunning Performance Appreciated by Day Tai
    Ms. Ernestine stunning singing performance has been well received by the market, and she was invited by the three-time Golden Award-winning film score composer—Day Tai to serve as the lead singer of the ending song of the film “L for Love, L for Lies Too (失戀日)”, “友達以上”. At the same time, Ms. Ernestine has won many singing awards, including:

    • Champion of “演藝好聲音”
    • Champion of 新人王 2010 歌唱比賽(少年組) and The Most Potential Singer Award
    • Champion of The Voice of HKAPA 2014
    • Champion of 巨 sing 達人歌唱比賽(青年組)
    • 11th Casio “Sing”星歌唱比賽(高級組)全場聲色藝大獎
    • Champion of EF 2 nd StepOut Singing Competition 2014
    • Champion of 4th我敢唱發 SING 招募日@ Plaza Hollywood (Chorus Group)
    • Champion of 王者爭霸戰之歌唱比賽(公開組)
    • Champion of YMCA of Hong Kong 2 nd Singing Contest ‘I’m the Singer II (solo group) and The Best Performance Award
    • Champion of My Concert singing competition (solo group), etc.

    Experienced Music Instructor
    Ms. Ernestine, who has extensive performance experience, is also an art educator. She has many years of teaching experience and has served as a private vocal instructor for many celebrities. At the moment, Ms. Ernestine also teaches Chinese and English musicals, pop music and musicals songs.

    Ms. Ernestine has served as a music and art instructor for many primary and secondary schools and art centers. She has taught musicals summer courses (in English and Mandarin) at Liwan Teenage’s Palace in Guangzhou and an education camp in Beijing (IDEAS 啟行). In the meantime, she has served as a music instructor in the following schools, including:

    • St. Bonaventure School
    • Salesian School
    • Caritas Community Centre – Caine Road
    • Yaumati Kaifong Association School
    • Tsing Yi Trade Association Primary School
    • S.K.H. Tsoi Kung Po Secondary School
    • Homantin Government Secondary School
    • The Methodist Lee Wai Lee College
    • Yan Chai Hospital Chiu Tsang Hok Wan Primary School, etc.