Raymond WanMusic Production Instructor

    Music Production Instructor, Department of Music Production, Baron School of Music
    Founder of “搞大音樂”
    Composer of Music Nation
    Hong Kong Talented Young Musician

    Popular Hong Kong Music Composer

    Wan is a young musician that has recently emerged on the Hong Kong music scene. Local record labels and entertainment companies (such as Music Nation, Mirror’s record label) have approached him about collaborating. He works as a composer, arranger, music producer, session musician, and film/television music composer, among other things. Among his famous works are: Keung To’s “亞特蘭提斯”, Edan Lui’s “E先生連環不幸事件”, Janice Vidal’s “低級趣味”, etc.

    Collaborated singers are Keung To, Jordan Chan, Edan Lui, Fox Hu, Justin Lo, Phil Lam, Ian Chan, Alfred Hui, Janice Vidal, Edmond Tong, Julian Cheung, Andy Hui, Pakho Chau, Wilfred Lau, Jason Chan, Elanne Kong, Fiona Sit, I Love You Boyz, Hotcha , Lil’ Ashes, Aki Lee, Lydia Pau, Keith Mok, Chui Tien You, Keung Ka Yan, 殷巧兒, Nathan Hartono, 李泊文, Cath Wong, Anson Lo, Bonnie Tang, etc. 

    His Music Works are Widely Recognised

    Wan created the band “April2” with Tse Chin Tung in his early years and won the title in Taiwan’s “春浪音樂節春浪音樂創作大賞”.  Following that, they released the band EP “倔強”.  He has written many top hits and pop songs, and his work has received numerous music accolades, including:

    • 2016 粵語歌曲排行榜頒奬典禮 最受歡迎歌曲獎 《十年後的我》
    • 2015 新城勁爆專輯《Escape》 — Jason Chan
    • 第九屆澳廣視至愛新聽力 最佳編曲 (Macau)
    • 2011 台灣春浪音樂節創作大賞 Champion, etc.

    A Dependable Young Musician in current generation

    Mr. Raymond Wan, who is active in the pop music industry, has been invited not only to engage in music production, but also to be a concert supporting vocalist and keyboardist by record labels.  He has performed at the following concerts:

    • “Justin Lo MY BEAUTIFUL CURSE 2019”
    • “Jordan Chan Hong Kong Concert”, etc.

    Among the popular musical works he has written are:

    • “亞特蘭提斯” – Keung To (Composer: Raymond Wan, Cousin Fung, Edan Lui / Arranger)
    • “E先生 連環不幸事件” – Edan Lui (Composer: Raymond Wan, Cousin Fung, Edan Lui / Arranger: Raymond Wan, Cousin Fung, Anson Chan / Producer: Raymond Wan, Edward Chan, Cousin Fung)
    • “突如其來的心跳感覺” – Anson Lo, Edan Lui (Producer: Raymond Wan. Edward Chan, Wilson Ng / Composer / Arranger)
    • “帶走你的垃圾” – Janice Vidal (Composer: Raymond Wan, Janice Vidal , Edward Chan / Arranger: Raymond Wan, Edward Chan)
    • Jeep – Jason Chan (Composer)
    • 神隊友 – Anson Lo (Composer / Arranger)
    • 拿愛情給我 – Pakho Chau (Composer)
    • 普羅米修詩 – Hu Xia (Composer / Arranger)
    • 低級趣味 – Janice Vidal (Composer: Raymond Wan, Janice Vidal / Arranger: Raymond Wan, Y.Siu, Edward Chan)
    • 買不到的快樂 – Phil Lam (Composer: Raymond Wan, Phil Lam / Arranger)
    • 十年後的我 – Fiona Sit (Composer)
    • 對人歡笑 – Jason Chan (Composer / Arranger)
    • 不只你一個 – Chui Tien You (Arranger: Raymond Wan, Jone Chui)
    • 恨 – Alfred Hui (Composer)
    • 流浪記 – TikChi (Arranger)
    • 不請自愛 – Julian Cheung (Arranger)
    • 牛仔 – Andy Hui (Composer)
    • 簡約 – Pakho Chau (Composer)
    • 說明書 – Wilfred Lau (Composer / Arranger)
    • 距離感 – Keung Ka Yan (Composer / Arranger / Producer)
    • 別碰 – Aki Lee, Lydia Pau (Composer)
    • 不愛笑的人 – 殷巧兒 (Arranger)
    • 二期大樓 – Ian chan (Composer / Arranger)
    • 女生才懂的歌 – Cath Wong (Arranger: Raymond Wan, 鄺梓喬)
    • 晚風剛好 – Nathan Hartono (Composer)
    • 無聲浪 – Cath Wong (Composer: Raymond Wan, Cath Wong / Arranger)
    • 小主角 – Bonnie Tang (Arrangement / Producer: Raymond Wan, 詩詞)
    • What You Want – Lydia Pau (Arranger / Producer)
    • 無可替代 – Keith Mok (Composer / Arranger)
    • “天狐變” Musical at Macau (Arranger)
    • 思念做宵夜 – Elanne Kong (Arranger)
    • 寶寶很苦 – I Love You Boyz (Arranger)
    • 閱後即焚 – Jason Chan (Composer / Arranger)
    • 檸檬的鹼性 – Edmond Tong (Composer / Arranger: Raymond Wan, Edward Chan)
    • Are You Still My Best Friend – Hotcha (Backing Vocal)
    • 如果一打 – Lil’ Ashes (Piano)
    • 哪兒 – Lil’ Ashes (Piano)
    • 生之頌 – Phil Lam (Backing Vocal)
    • Hold Me Tight – Phil Lam (Backing Vocal)
    • 草食男女 – Edmond Tong (Guitar / Arranger)
    • 孤兒體質 – Edmond Tong (Backing Vocal)
    • 金草莓 – Jason Chan (Backing Vocal / Strings)
    • 七折 – Jason Chan (Guitar), etc.

     Popular Music Creation and Recognized by Jone Chui

    Mr. Raymond Wan’s great composition style is well known in the market, and he was invited by Mr. Jone Chui to join EMP Records to be a member of the record production arrangement, composition, and distribution.

    Yu Yat Yiu