Group Class Courses, Vocal

Advanced Certificate in Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist for Youngster

Course type: Vocal

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, trainees should be abbe to:

  • Master the basic theory of vocalism, phonetics areas and control, and how to apply on singing
  • Apply different phonetics methods to create different voice (Voice Sound Quality)
  • Overcome difficulties in singing by vocal techniques
  • Perform singing using various vocal techniques after basic training and cumulative excercises
  • Upgrade their ability of listening and appreciation
  • Anaylse song structure and lyrics to excel performance
  • Understand various stage performing techniques , styles of singing, and find out the style & voice most suitable for trainee ownself
  • Understand vocal, harmony and chorus techniques in recording studio
  • Apply vocal techniques and stage performaning styles of this course practically on solo, duet, choir performance


本課程由業內音樂人所教授,包括:歌莉雅 / 朱慧雯 / 李姮慧 / 陳雅儀 / 蘇楚欣…等或其他有關導師。

Gloria Tang
Ada Chu
Kathy Lee
Idy Chan
Sobi So
or other relevant instructors

Suitable for

Aged 5-12

Class size

Approximate : 10 pax


Approval required. For details, please inquire with our staff.

Medium of Instruction

Mainly in Cantonese (supplemented in English)

Course Assessment and Certificate Awarding

To successfully complete the entire course, the student must attain 70% of attendance rate per semester and completed an assessment (a pass on overall average score). The passing score is 50 marks.
[Certificate of Completion in Advanced Certificate in Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist for Youngster] will be issure if qualified.
Course evaluation includes classroom performance, assignments, etc.

Course structure

Semester 1 – Vocal Techniques (1) Total: 15 hours
Semester 2 – Vocal Techniques (2) Total: 15 hours
Semester 3 – Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist(1) Total: 22.5 hours
Semester 4 – Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist (2) Total: 15 hours

Semester 1 & 2

Vocal Techniques 
Course content

  • Correct breathing method
  • Essential vocal startup practice
  • Basic vocal thoery and different vocal areas
  • Basic training on music theory and musicality
  • Classroom practice and recommendaton

Semester 3 & 4

Solo and team vocalist recording and performing techniques

Course content

  • To experience recording and singing in a studio
  • Introduction of stage performing techniques
  • Basic usage of microphone
  • Classroom practice and professional advice by instructors

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