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Advanced Certificate In Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist(Added to Continuing Education Fund Reimbursable Course List)

Added to Continuing Education Fund Reimbursable Course List


This course enhances the students' singing level with the principles of vocalization, music theory and lyrics interpretation. It also introduces singing skills such as recording, stage performance, harmony and improvisation, which meet the students' different learning goals.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students should be able to

  • Understand the basic vocal principle, position and voice control, apply it to different stages of learning and song interpretation from the easy to the difficult
  • Use different voicing methods to produce different Voice Sound Quality
  • Overcome the difficulties in singing by mastering the control of voice and Voice Sound Quality
  • Through basic learning and accumulative practicing, students can apply different vocal skills for singing
  • Cultivate the ability to listen to singing and appreciate singing
  • Analyze songs and lyrics in order to interpretation deeply
  • Learn different stage performance skills, master different styles of singing and find your own style and singing voice
  • Know the singing skills, harmony and chorus skills in the recording studio
  • Utilize the learned vocal skills and stage performance skills, and practice those skills in individual, chorus, team, or other high-level singing skills and interpretations, etc.


This course is taught by musicians in the industry, including Steven Ip/Winnie Tang/ Gloria Tang/Patrick Lui…etc. or other relevant instructors


Steven Ip


Winnie Tang


Gloria Tang


Patrick Lui

Suitable for

Students who want to improve their singing skills

Language(s) of instruction

Cantonese supplemented with English (Instructors’ notes are mainly in English)

Course assessment and certificate awarding

  • To successfully complete the entire course, the student must maintain 70% of attendance rate per semester and completed an assessment (a pass on overall average score). The passing score is 50 marks.
  • Students who successfully complete the entire course will be awarded the “Advanced Certificate In Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist”.
  • Course evaluation includes class performance, assignments, tests, etc.


Tuition subsidy

Advanced Certificate In Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist (Semester 1 to Semester 4): This course has been added to the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund. For details, please visit: * The Office of the Continuing Education Fund does not have a QF registration record for this course

Course Structure

  • Semester 1 – Vocal Techniques (1)
  • Semester 2 – Vocal Techniques (2)
  • Semester 3 – Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist(1)
  • Semester 4 – Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist (2)


Semester 1

Vocal Techniques (1) Course content

  • Basic voicing principle, voicing position and voice control
  • Changes in breathing, diction, pronunciation, and dynamic when singing
  • The importance of vocal practice
  • When singing or non-singing, pay attention to what can and cannot be done
  • Analyze the use of songs and singing skills
  • Class practice and guidance


Semester 2

Vocal Techniques (2) Course content

  • Advanced Voice control
  • Understand and master the methods and techniques of controlling various voices
  • Advanced song and lyrics analysis, singing analysis
  • Overcome the difficulties in singing by using different voices and techniques
  • Know the basic usage of microphone
  • Class practice and guidance


Semester 3

Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist (1) Course content

  • Stage performance skills (including preparation and design before performance, on stage showmanship, how to interact with the audience, stage interpretation of different songs, handling of emergencies on stage, etc.)
  • Tips for using microphones on stage
  • Master the singing of different genres, and use stage performance skills to interpret different pieces
  • Find your own style and singing voice
  • Group singing (Including harmony, sub-voice, to cooperate with other students to complete the singing, etc.)
  • Basic studio singing skills
  • Class practice

Entrance requirements Students need to meet one of the following entrance requirements: – Complete our school’s “Vocal Skills Course (1) and (2)” and “Musical Theory and Sight-Singing Training Course” or – Passed Grade 5 Music Theory exam or – Passed the assessment (please contact our staff for details.)

Semester 4

Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist (2) Course content

  • Solo singing(Including designing and planning solo singing, choosing suitable songs, combining stage performance skills to perform in own style, etc.)
  • Perform a chorus song
  • Recording Studio singing skills(Including pre-recording preparation, recording singing skills, technical terms in the recording studio, etc.) – Class practice