Group Class Courses, Vocal

Baron Vocal Performance Training Course

Course type: Vocal

Course Objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to

  • Understand the basic vocal principle, position and voice control, apply it to different stages of learning and song interpretation from the easy to the difficult
  • Use different voicing methods to produce different Voice Sound Quality
  • Overcome the difficulties in singing by mastering the control of voice and Voice Sound Quality
  • Through basic learning and accumulative practicing, students can apply different vocal skills for singing
  • Utilize the learned vocal skills and stage performance skills, and practise those skills in individual, chorus, team, or other high-level singing skills and interpretations, etc.


Baron School of Music Vocal Instructors

Suitable for

Age: 6-12

Class size

Approximate 8 pax

Medium of Instruction

Mainly in Cantonese (supplemented in English)

Certificate Awarding

To successfully complete the entire course, students must have an attendance rate of 70% before they can participate in the performance,(Certificate of Completion in Baron Vocal Performance Training Course)

Course Introducton

  • Understand the basic vocal principle, position and voice control
  • Breathing, phonetics, vocal, change of intensity while singing
  • Essential vocal startup practice
  • Do’s and Don’ts while singing or resting
  • Analyse songs and apply appropriate singing skill
  • Coordinate singing and movements in performance
  • How to use microphone on stage
  • Group singing
  • Stage performing skills (including preparation before performance, performance style, interaction with audience, etc.)
  • Classroom practice and recomendation from instructors

*Baron School of Music reserves the right to change the content and rules of the original course or unit at any time, including but not limited to the start date, content, Medium of instruction, number of classes, class time, location, instructor, course fees, regulations, etc. If the number of applicants is insufficient, Baron School of Music reserves the right to cancel or postpone courses or units. Students should pay attention to the latest information changes released by Baron School of Music through official email notifications or through other channels.