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Certificate In Cantonese Lyric-writing(Added to Continuing Education Fund Reimbursable Course List)

Added to Continuing Education Fund Reimbursable Course List

Many students who are new to lyric writing will encounter the same difficulty in creation-with fragmentary ideas and abstract inspirations, but if you need to combine the melody and rhythm with your palms to fill in a word, you will often be unable to start. To solve this problem, Baron School of Music has launched the "Certificate Course in Cantonese Lyrics", in which multiple lyricists in the field will comprehensively and systematically teach the knowledge and skills of lyrics creation.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the characteristics of Cantonese songs
  • Understand and apply the basic principles and skills of Lyric-Writing
  • Apply music notation to lyrics-writing
  • Cultivate creative thinking skills
  • Cultivate the ability of appreciation of lyrics


This course is taught by lyricists and musicians in the industry, including Kin Yan/ Cheung Cho Kiu / Yu Yat Yiu… or other relevant instructors


Kin Yan


Cheung Cho Kiu


Cheung Cho Kiu

Entrance requirements

Graduated secondary 3, can speak Cantonese, and can read and write Chinese

Language of instruction

Cantonese supplemented with English

Course assessment and certificate awarding

  • To successfully complete the entire course, the student must maintain 70% of attendance rate per semester and an assessment (a pass on overall average score). The passing score is 50 marks.
  • Student who successfully complete the entire course will be awarded the “Certificate of Cantonese Word Writing” by our school.
  • Course evaluation includes assignments, classroom practice, etc.


Tuition subsidy

Certificate In Cantonese Lyric-Writing Certificate Course (Semester 1 to Semester 4), this course has been added to the Continuing Education Fund reimbursable course list. For details, please visit:
* The Office of the Continuing Education Fund does not have a QF registration record for this course

Course Structure

  • Semester 1 – Basic Course of Lyrics Writing Skills (1)
  • Semester 2 – Basic Course of Lyrics Writing Skills (2)
  • Semester 3 – Advanced Course on Lyric Writing Skills
  • Semester 4 – Advanced Course on Lyrics Writing Skills


Semester 1

Basic Course of Lyrics Writing Skills (1)

Course content

  • The Development and Characteristics of Cantonese Songs
  • Principles and Skills of Cantonese Lyric Writing (1)
  • Understanding Music Notation
  • How to use numbered musical notation to record song melody
  • Application of music notation in lyrics writing, etc.


Semester 2

Lyrics Writing Skills Basic Course (2)

Course content

  • Principles and Skills of Cantonese Lyric Writing (2)
  • Principles of Lyric Appreciation
  • Common use of Rhetoric on Lyric Writing
  • Lyrics and melody configuration skills
  • Song naming skills
  • Student practice and skill improvement


Semester 3 and Semester 4

Intermediate Lyric Writing Skills Course and Advanced Lyric Writing Skills Course

Course content

  • Advanced lyrics creation theory and practice
  • Various creative methods developed from ideas to lyrics
  • Songs analysis
  • Commenting on student works for the improvement