Group Class Courses, Music Production

Certificate In Film Scoring And Jingle Writing


Ronald Ng
Samuel Chan
Or other professional music production instructors


Ronald Ng
Samuel Chan

Or other professional music production instructors


Ronald Ng


Samuel Chan


  • Complete the first semester of our popular music production professional diploma course [MIDI and digital recording technology course and popular music composition course (1)] or
  • Pass the review (including submission of personal pieces, submission of music training background, etc.). Please contact our staff for details.)

Medium of Instruction

Mainly in Cantonese (supplemented in English)

Course Assessment and Certificate Awarding

  • To successfully complete the entire course, the student must maintain 70% or above of attendance rate per semester and completed an assessment (a pass on overall average score). The passing score is 60 marks.
  • Course evaluation includes classroom performance, various assignments, etc.


Course Introduction

By means of multiple assignments and practical exercises, training content covers:

Basic knowledge

  • Study various music genres
  • Enhance judemental skills to select appropriate genre to work with visual presentation
  • Editing skills for background music
  • Knowledge of professional sound frequency files

Film Scoring

  • Analyse on different film scores
  • Study various music genre and skills to dub in background music
  • Post-production of sound design
  • Skills of song composing and dub in background music
  • Audio remix of film scoring

Jingle Writing

  • Analyse different jingles
  • Skills of dubbing in background music, editing and remix

*For the sake of learning and personal convenience, trainees are recommended to purchase and install Logic Pro X (or any MIDI sequencing & digital audio software with similar functions) in a PC or Mac before attending this course. Trainees have to bring their own computer for this course. For any enquiries in related matter, please contact our Programme Consultant.

*Baron School of Music reserves the right to change the content and rules of the original course or unit at any time, including but not limited to the start date, content, Medium of instruction, number of classes, class time, location, instructor, course fees, regulations, etc. If the number of applicants is insufficient, Baron School of Music reserves the right to cancel or postpone courses or units. Students should pay attention to the latest information changes released by Baron School of Music through official email notifications or through other channels.