DJ/ EDM, Group Class Courses

Certificate in Professional DJ Techniques


DJ Galaxy
DJ Ngai


DJ Galaxy


DJ Ngai



Medium of Instruction

Mainly in Cantonese (supplemented in English)


Course Assessment and Certificate Awarding

  • To successfully complete the entire course, the student must attain 70% of attendance rate per semester and completed an assessment (a pass on overall average score). The passing score is 60 marks.
  • Course evaluation includes classroom performance, assignments, etc.
  • Those with outstanding performance will have the opportunity to practice in the Top 100 Clubs ʺBOOMERANGʺ in the DJ Mag global ranking list of the famous British DJ magazine.

Course Introduciton

22 lessons on DJ remix

  • How to calculate Bar, BPM. Understanding DJ system and music genre
  • Correct way to use turntable and audio remix
  • Basic techniques of remix and ways of audio remix
  • Introduction of DJ devices and type of disc scratching
  • Music flow & structure and remix techniques
  • Sequencer & sound effect
  • How to use black vinyl disc and remix techniques

8 lessons on Scratch Techiques

  • Introduction of DJ devices and type of disc scratching
  • Bable Pattern & Cutting Pattern
  • Transformer, Drag & Tips Pattern
  • Drag, Tips & Tear Pattern & Crab Pattern
  • 1 Click Flare Pattern
  • 2 Click Flare Pattern
  • 3 Click Flare Pattern
  • Combination of Scatching Patterns + Flow of Arrangement
  • Crab & Original Flare Pattern

*Baron School of Music reserves the right to change the content and rules of the original course or unit at any time, including but not limited to the start date, content, Medium of instruction, number of classes, class time, location, instructor, course fees, regulations, etc. If the number of applicants is insufficient, Baron School of Music reserves the right to cancel or postpone courses or units. Students should pay attention to the latest information changes released by Baron School of Music through official email notifications or through other channels.