Group Class Courses, Lyric-Writing

Course Objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to

  • Fill in the lyrics for the original song through actual opportunities
  • Learn more about the writing elements that lyricists should pay attention to, particularly the lyric-writing skills of commercial songs
  • Learn the skills of communicating with the music producer as a lyricist
  • Experience the process of recording works in the recording studio


Suitable for

Anyone who loves lyric-writing, has basic lyric-writing skills and intends to continually improve the lyric-writing skills

Language(s) of instruction

Mainly in Cantonese


Kin Yan / Cheung Cho Kiu / Yu Yau Yiu, etc. or other relevant instructor

Entrance Requirements

  • Have attended “Certificate In Cantonese Lyric-Writing” or “Pop Song Lyric-Writing(Cantonese and Mandarin)” or
  • Non-lyric-writing students of our school or students outside the school are required to submit their pieces for review. For details, please inquire with our staff.


Equipment requirements

  • Except for studio classes, all classes will be taught face-to-face or online
  • If you need to access online learning, the course will be using Zoom or the same software for teaching(you can download it for free online)


Course assessment and certificate awarding

  • To successfully complete the entire course, the student must maintain 70% of attendance rate per semester and completed an assessment (a pass on overall average score). The passing score is 50 marks.
  • Course evaluation includes classroom performance, assignments, etc.


Course structure

  • In-depth analysis of various skills in lyric-writing through practicing with an unpublished song
  • Provide pertinence suggestions for students’ pieces to improve students’ artistic level and market value
  • Experience the song recording process
  • Share the process and experience of the communication between the lyricist and producer
  • Instructed by the lyricist or producer to understand how to improve the piece in response to the needs of the singer and producer