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Pop Song Lyric-Writing(Cantonese and Mandarin)

Course Objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to

  • Understanding the in depth knowledge of Cantonese lyric-writing and Mandarin lyric writing, and recognize the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin in writing
  • Learn more about the writing elements that lyricists should pay attention to, particularly the lyric-writing skills of commercial songs
  • Through practice, broaden your lyric writing skills and learn how to improve your writing skills at the same time
  • Try to fill in the lyrics of an original song


Professional Instructor of the Lyric-Writing Department

Suitable for

Anyone who loves lyric-writing


Entrance Requirements

  • Possess good Cantonese skills and basic Mandarin skills or;
  • Suitable for promotion after completing the lyric-writing exploration crash course


Language(s) of instruction

Mainly in Cantonese

Course assessment and certificate awarding

  • To successfully complete the entire course, the student must maintain 70% of attendance rate
  • Those who have successfully completed the entire course will be awarded the certificate of “Pop Song Lyric-Writing (Cantonese and Mandarin)” by our school


Course structure

  • This advanced Lyric-writing class will briefly review the basic knowledge of Cantonese and Mandarin lyric-writing, auxiliary tools, melody structure, etc.
  • Lyrics layout, techniques improvement, lyrics angle analysis, etc.
  • Learn more about lyric-writing elements that lyricists should pay attention to: such as market requirements, theme design, advanced techniques, commercial song skills, etc.
  • Through advanced exercises and homework revisions, improve the writing of golden sentences and hook-line, enhance emotions and sentence-making skills, and train the ability to appreciate pieces
  • Homework summary, personalized comments and suggestions, pieces sharing