Dr. Chris HungClassical Composition Instructor

    Classical Music Instructor, Baron School of Music
    Contemporary Music Composer
    PhD in Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    The ALEA III International Composition Prize 2015
    Sofia International Composition Competition- First Prize

    Outstanding Young Composer of Modern Music
    Dr. Hung is one of the most outstanding young composers in Hong Kong’s modern music industry. He is also a member of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong and director of the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild.

    Dr. Hung studied under the famous composer’s Professor Chan Wing Wah and Professor Chan Wai Kwong. He graduated from:

    • PhD Of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Master of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Bachelor of Art, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Besides, Dr. Hung owns these qualifications:

    • ATCL in Piano (Trinity College of London)
    • AMusTCL in Musical Theory and Literacy (Trinity College of London)

    Dr. Hung has traveled to various parts of the world for further studies and music composition exchanges, and participated in the following academic activities:

    • Brian Ferneyhough, Hans Thomalla, Liza Lim, Rebecca Saunders
    • Tansy Davis CoMA Song composition Master Class, Durham
    • SCO Composer Workshop

    Attending serval international music festivals with internation well known musician and orchestra for releasing their collaboration projects
    Dr. Hung’s projects were created in a wide variety of genres, including chamber music, choral music, Western and Eastern wind instruments string work etc.… The style of his works combines Eastern and Western traditions, and the structure of his works is rigorous and exquisite. Striving to explore the infinite possibilities of music. The style is unique and distinctive.

    His projects are released and performed around the world, including United States, Italy, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Bulgaria, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China and Hong Kong etc.…At the same time, he has been invited to release solo projects at international music festivals serval times, including:

    • Morden Music Festival Beijing 2016
    • ISCM World Music Days 2015 in Slovenia
    • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
    • International Rostrum of Composers (IRC)
    • Sibelius 150th Anniversary Music Festival
    • Hong Kong International Percussion Festival
    • Chinese Composers’ Festival
    • Musicarama
    • Asian Composer League Festival
    • Seoul Drum Festival
    • Darmstadt Morden Festival etc…

    Dr. Hung also collaborates with many international orchestras. Including:

    • Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
    • Singapore Chinese Orchestra
    • EOS Symphony Orchestra
    • Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra
    • City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong
    • Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble
    • Helsinki Chamber Choir
    • Holland New Orchestra
    • Ensemble Modern
    • Percussions Claviers de Lyon
    • Ensemble InterContemporain
    • Ascanio quartet
    • Het Collectief Orchestra
    • Smith Quartet
    • New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
    • Next Mushroom Promotion
    • Romer String Quartet
    • Vox Humana etc….

    Multiple International Awards
    Dr. Hung with his own creativity and music talent make his won many international awards, including:

    • Bosten Alea III International Composition Competition – First Prize
    • Sofia International Composition Competition – Frist Prize
    • Portland Poznań J. Paderewski Music School International Composition Competition Second Place
    • Chengdu Sanchuan Composition Competition Third Place
    • Singapore International Composition Competition (For Chinese Chamber Music) Academy Honorary Award
    • 2016 Sino-American Composers Project – Junior Composition Competition Final Round
    • Singapore International Competition For Chinese Orchestra Composition Final Round 2011 and 2015
    • International Jean Sibelius Composition Competition Final Round
    • Firenze String Quartet Composition Competition Final Round
    • Hong Kong Sinfonietta Composition Competition Final Round 2005

    Experienced Music Instructor
    Dr. Hung who is experienced in international competitions and performances. Also, he is a senior educator with many years of teaching experience. He was served as teaching assistant in the Music Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a lecturer in many tertiary institutions, including:

    • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • SCS, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • SCE, The Baptist University of Hong Kong
    • LiPACE, The Open University of Hong Kong
    • Macao Polytechnic Institute

    Besides, Mr. Hong has served as a composition instructor for the ISCM Modern Music Education Program of the International Modern Music Festival and the music composition training program of the Quality Education Fund (QEF Fund). He also teaching composition courses and HKDSE music subject as a primary and secondary school tutor and high school music course teacher. He dedicated to training students in music composition. At the same time, he also teaches Trinity AMusTCL, ABRSM Theory Grade 6 to Grade 8 and ABRSM Theory Grade 1 to Grade 5 courses.