Raymond ChuDirector and Instructor of Studio Recording and Audio Engineering Department

    Director of Studio Recording and Audio Engineering Department
    Famous Local Recording and Mixing Engineer
    Asian Sound Mixing Maestro 

    Starting from 1984, Master Chu Wai-man has been active in the Hong Kong music production industry. He has collaborated with many industry giants such as Eason Chan, Joey Yung, and is regarded as one of the top senior recording and mixing experts in the industry, occupying an irreplaceable position. 90% of Hong Kong’s record and music production companies have invited Master Chu Wai-man to collaborate, and he is known in the industry as a “First-class Mixing Master.” 

    He has worked with many top music units and singers, including Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Ekin Cheng, Aaron Kwok, Sammi Cheng, Vivian Chow, Kelly Chen, Miriam Yeung, Hins Cheung,  Leo Ku, Joey Yung, Kay Tse, Juno Mak, Anthony Lun Wing Leung, Schumann Lee, AGA Jiang Haijia, Gin Lee, Vincy Chan, Alfred Hui, Twins, C AllStar, Kary Ng, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Tatjana Patitz, Danny Summer, Anthony Wong Yiu-Ming, Louis Koo, Dave Wong, Cass Phang, Cecilia Cheung, Tayu Lo, Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Tang Siu Ha, Ivana Wong, Hubert Wu, , Gigi Leung, Sugar Club, Jinny Ng, Angela Hui Ching Wan, Eric Suen, Jan Lamb, James Ng, Julian Cheung, Alex Fung, Joyce Cheng, Michael Lai, William Chan, Janice Vidal, , JW, Tsang Lok-tung, SiS Sisters, Stephanie Ho, Shiga Lin, Adason Lo, Mag Lam, Pak Ho Chau, Fiona Sit, Mr., Raymond Lam, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Ken Hung, Phil Lam, William So, Shin Wong, Chet Lam, and many more. 

    Supreme Mixing Master 

    Chu has been involved in various types of music work, including record production, mixing, recording, film scoring, advertising music, film music production, and live sound, and has rich experience in each of these areas. He has been responsible for many music works, including: 

    劉德華、梁朝偉 -《無間道》
    古天樂 -《男朋友》
    許志安 -《大風吹》
    容祖兒 -《我的驕傲》
    譚詠麟、李克勤 -《左麟右李》
    梁漢文 -《半邊生命》
    Twins –《愛情當入樽》
    古天樂 -《今期流行》
    張敬軒 – 《天才兒童1985
    薛凱琪 -《哥本哈根的另一個我》
    AGA 江海迦 -《Superman
    Twins – 《我們相愛6年》
    麥俊龍、謝安琪 -《The album and the rest of it…
    容祖兒 -《答案之書》
    古巨基 -《維多利亞》
    郭富城 -《風雲II
    林海峰 -《九號鞋》
    陳小春 -《愛妻號》
    古巨基 -《歡樂今宵》
    孫耀威 -《愛的故事(下集)》
    許志安 -《男人最痛》
    黄耀明 -《春光乍洩》
    蔡卓妍 -《二缺一》
    鄧紫棋 -《E.M.
    王菀之 -《天堂有路》
    AGA 江海迦、 Gin Lee 李幸倪 -《獨一無二》
    AGA 江海迦 -《圓》
    王菀之 – 《不再說分手》
    AGA 江海迦 – 《孤雛》
    周慧敏、王菀之 -《美麗》
    鄧小巧 – 《與人同行》 等等 

    Iconic musician with prominent academic background 

    He is a graduate of the University of Oregon, a well-known American university, majored in Communication Technologies and Movie Industry.  He later obtained a diploma in in Music Industry Arts from the College for Recording Arts in San Francisco, USA. 

    For many years, he has been active in the Hong Kong pop music production industry, serving as chief engineer, recording studio and production department head in various recording studios and production companies such as BlueMax Productions. Master Raymond has been involved in the production process from pre-recording to post-production. 

    Extraordinary talent and authoritative figure in the industry 

    Whether it is recording production or song recording, Master Raymond’s superb mixing and recording skills are highly recognised and respected in the industry, earning him the reputation of a master of mixing. 

    Through years of experience, Master Raymond has developed a unique mixing course, in which he will share and demonstrate his past mixing works, as well as explain in detail the production steps and insights of each recording and mixing process.