DJ NgaiDJ Instructor

    DJ (Scratching / Mixing) Instructor, Department of DJ/EDM
    Champion of Hong Kong LCX DJ Beat Fight Competition
    3rd Place of DMC / Technics DJ Competition Hong Kong 

    Collaborations with musicians and music production firms
    DJ Ngai has also performed live or online jam sessions with some well-known singers and artists. He has performed with FAMA, “”, Free(3)Warrior, DJ TinHo, Ghetto Stars, Color Production, High Fly Studio, Ya Groove Production, Too Phat, and others. He later joined the local DJ organizations Color Production and High Fly Studio.

    Competitions and Awards
    DJ Ngai has been working as a DJ since 2002. Dubstep, Glitch Hop, EDM, Hip Hop, Mixtape, Dance, Down Tempo, Soundtrack, Pop, and other genres are among his musical styles. He won the Hong Kong LCX DJ Beat Fight Competition in 2003. Meanwhile, he received the following music awards:

    • 3rd Place of Hong Kong DMC competition 2003
    • 2nd Place of Heineken DJ Contest Hong Kong
    • Champion of Hong Kong LCX DJ Beat Fight Competition 2003
    • 2nd Place of Hong Kong Heineken found Thirst (Scratching Session) 2004
    • 3rd Place DMC/Technics DJ Competition Hong Kong 2005
    • Finalists of RTHK TeenPower Teenstage DJ Competition 2004
    • Finalists of TST Sun Arcade X’MAS DJ Competition 2003
    • Finalists of Hong Kong VESTAX Competition 2002
    • Finalists of DMC/Technics DJ Competition Hong Kong 2002

    Participated in an abundance of live performances
    DJ Ngai’s diverse mixing and scratching techniques have added a lot of vibrations to the scene, allowing the audience to feel the music’s rhythm better. He has appeared in a variety of performances, including:

    • Shenzhen New Year’s MIDI Festival 2014
    • AKA HeavyGin’s Fingers Drumming Live Show 2014
    • Freespace Fest 2012
    • Youth Voice 2012
    • Night Track Hip Hop Show 2012
    • Tom Lee Music Carnival 2010
    • LMF The Wild Lazy Tour Concert 2009
    • RTHK TeenPower “Hong Kong Book Fair –流動書坊” 2005

    Diversified Music Development and Active Participation in Various Types of Music Production

    In addition to focusing on DJing, mixing, and scratching, he collaborates with several music institutions and participates in music projects, which adds a variety of features to the music industry. Among the musical compositions are:

    • Anita Mui “夕陽之歌” Remix Feat.DJ Afraid Thoma 1s (Producer)
    • “歡樂年年” Remix Feat.DJ Afraid Thomas 2016 (Producer)
    • “喜愛HipHop第三部” @Ya Groove “TRAP” 2014 (Producer)
    • “喜愛HipHop第一部” @Ya Groove “重裝出發” 2014 (Producer)
    • MastaMic – Showtyme Feat. 咖啡因公園 2013 (Piano session)
    • R – Dear MJ (Feat Gloria Wong) 2011 (Producer)
    • Wildchild – “我愛U” 2011 (Session)
    • Commercial Radio Hong Kong “陳強 – 你睇我唔到” Theme Song 2010 (Producer)
    • FAMA – “音樂大亨” (Album) (2006)
      • Track 03 – 456 Wing (Session)
      • Track 15 – “再見Fanz” (Session)
      • Track 13 – “陳展毅歌” (Lyric)
    • RTHK Radio 2 “Hip Hop 天使 Angela” Theme Song 2005 (Producer)
    • Bliss – Bad Taste (Silly Thing Record) 2004 (Scratching Session)
    • Hong Kong Singers – “Hip Hop Battle History” (2003)
      • Track 02 “第一桶金的故事” (Producer)
      • Track 07 “龍劍飛” – “一刮” (Producer) , etc.

    Participated TV/Radio Programs:

    • RTHK Radio 2 – Hip Hop Angel Angela Program
    • TVB Music – “音樂教室” Music Classroom Program
    • TVB Music – Boom Blog “部落格” Program
    • TVB Jade – “音樂潮”@GIV Program
    • Radiodada “網台音樂” Program , etc.

    DJ Ngai also participated in song composition and performed with numerous Rapper units, including Sangfan, KZ, Too Monkey, Ghetto Stars, HEYO, and SOULSIC, in addition to Scratching and DJ Mixing. LMF The Wild Lazy Tour, Shenzhen New Year’s MIDI Festival, and Freespace Fest are among the events at which they will perform. Furthermore, he is dedicated to developing DJ music culture. He gave over 20 DJ workshops and demonstrations for the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, The Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Tom Lee Music, and different community organizations between 2009 and 2013.

    DJ Ngai is committed to learning Finger Drumming and Ableton DJing skills common in Europe and America, and to bringing new components to local DJ music.