Edward LauMusic Production and Piano (Pop) Instructor

    Piano Instructor of Pop Music
    Concert keyboardist.
    Professional pop pianist
    2015 Yamaha – Best Keyboardist Award

    Talented Musician and Concert Producer
    Edward is a well-known concert music producer in Hong Kong as well as a concert keyboardist and producer. He has been engaged in the music industry in recent years. He is mastering in pop piano and song arrangement. He had a plenty of experiences in both performance and music production. Mr. Edward has worked with several singers, musicians, and artists from Hong Kong, such as Vincy Chan, Vivian Lai, and Hacken Lee. Edward has overseen producing, song arrangement and composing in these projects. He has also received several invitations as a producer for many concerts. Those are:

    • 《重新感應泳兒演唱會 2019》
    • 《快樂有恩(黎瑞恩) 2019》etc..

    Talented Keyboardist Experienced In Band Performances
    Edward was experienced in band performance. Also familiar with all kinds of pop music. Therefore he was invited as a bandleader for Tv program like 《RTHK Bang Bang 聲 2021》、《TVB Cantopop At 50》. Those experience and program are included:

    • 《RTHK Bang Bang 聲 2021》
    • 《TVB Cantopop At 50》 (2016-2019)
    • 《符瓊音 今夜不准世界安靜 2019》
    • 《sp’Ace Our Gravity 演唱會日 2019》
    • 《可嵐 第五維度演唱會 2018》etc..

    Edward possesses a sensitive touch in pop music with a strong command of piano. He become popular between musicians and music programs since his debut. Therefore, he was invited as a keyboardist for many concerts and music show. These performances were shown as below:

    • 《Fusion Chamber 2020》
    • 《符瓊音 今夜不准世界安靜 2019》
    • 《sp’Ace Our Gravity 演唱會日 2019》
    • 《李克勤慶祝成立 30 週年演唱會》(2018-2019)
    • 《可嵐 第五維度演唱會 2018》
    • 《電影音樂。世界之旅管弦樂團 2018》etc…

    Experience of music production
    Besides active as keyboardist in concerts and music events. Edward also had experience for music productions. He produced many songs for solo singer and band as well. These projects including:

    • Hoffman Cheng(ft. Canband) – 良善之地(Composition/Arrangement)
    • Hoffman Cheng(ft. Canband) – Copy and Paste(Composition/Arrangement)
    • Ophelia So – 小燈街(Composition/Arrangement)
    • Simon On – 甘蔗系男孩 (Arrangement)
    • Madam Show(Arrangement)
    • Ophelia So – 一馬平川(Composition/Arrangement)
    • Ophelia So – 潛伏與矇蔽(Arrangement/Producer)
    • Ophelia So – Save A Life
    • Canband – 同一起哄(Composition)
    • Canband – 表裡誰可一致(Composition、Producer)
    • Canband – 3:13(Composition)
    • Canband – 黑布街一號(Composition/Arrangement)
    • Canband – 一個半個(Producer)
    • Hoffman Cheng – 不易(Composition/Arrangement/Producer)etc…

    Yamaha Keyboardist Award with Professional Qualification
    Edward won the Yamaha – Best Keyboardist 2015 award with his fantastic piano skills. At the same time, he held the professional qualification of Piano grade 8 certificate from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

    Passion On Music Education
    As a keyboardist and music producer, Edward is incredibly passionate. He enjoys imparting his pop music production and performance skills to students. He hopes everyone can use their talents and experiment with various musical genres.

    Yu Yat Yiu