Daniel ChanMusic Production and Piano Instructor (Pop)

    Electric Guitar Instructor of Pop Music
    Guitar Instructor of Classical Music

    Experienced guitarist in Hong Kong music industry
    He is one of  the senior guitarists in the Hong Kong music industry for nearly 20 years. He had collaborate with many musician and artist, include: Timothy Wong 、Maggie Chang、Harriet Yeung 、Wong Wan Choi、Hoffman、Mimi Lo、Louis Yuen、Patrick Tang、Pierre Ngo、Kayee Tam、Vivian Chiang、Gabriel Harrison、Angela Pang、Karen Kong、Jones Lee、Connie Hau、Simon On 、Vangie Tang、Crystal Cheung、Anne Heung、Barry Ip、Penny Chan、Hoffman Cheng、Khloe Chu、Kellyjackie、Derek Wong and Anson Poon etc…

    Student from many experienced guitar artists  Excellent talent classicial guitar and electric guitar talent 

    Dainel studied classical ad electricial guitar and theories from many musicial artists, including

    • Classical Guitarist Mr.Stony Chan (Classical guitar)
    • Composer Mr. Yiu Hon Fai (Musicial theories)
    • Jazz guitarist Mr. Suen Ligong (Guitar)

    Daniel has received several invitations to take part in performances due to his performance talents and experiences. He served as concert accompanist for guitarist Mr. Chan Kwok-wah and former Hong Kong Sinfonietta concertmaster Mr. Lung Heung-fai at the Cultural Center in 2010.

    Extensive background in playing pop guitar

    Many institutions are fans of Mr. Chen’s amazing performances on the electric and classical guitars. Mr. Chen has served as a guitarist in many concerts, music show, TV and radio music programs, and major shopping malls. His performance experience includes:

    • 《Harbour School – The Greatest Showman Musical》(2022)
    • 《Chinese Style Concert- Chapter 4》(2022)
    • 《D100 – Keeping On Singing》(Guest:Timothy Wong、Vivian Chiang)(2022)
    • 《Miranda Studio – 唱將之夜》(2022)
    • 《CD studio – New Year’s Eve Music Concert》(2022)
    • 《Metroradio – 猜情尋》(2022)
    • 《Timothy Wong My Favourite Of  YOU 2.0  Live concert 》(2021)
    • 《Harriet Yeung Rebirthday Charity Musical》(2021)
    •    Landmark North 《Weekend Music Busking》 – Lala performance accompaniment (2021)
    • 《精神翊翊 live》(2021)
    • 《Maggie Chang Max your love Charity Musical》(2021)
    • 《Singing square singing competition》(2020)
    • 《Only One Jazz Orchestra – Dialogue with colours》(2020)
    •   Miranda studio guitarist (2020)
    • 《Chinese Style Concert- Chapter 3》(2019)
    • 《WAO singer – sip3 muisc chow》(2019)
    • 《星河歌唱比賽樂隊結他手》(2019)
    • 《Sing’s power (Shanwei)》(2019)
    • 《Chinese Style Concert- Chapter 2》(2019)
    • 《Parkland Live Band Accompaniment singing class guitarist》(2018)
    • 《ICSTS sing competition 》(2018)
    • 《Full-cup café music concert 》(2014)
    • 《Live For Dream》 (2013)
    • 《黃韻材友情友愛演唱會》(2011 及 2012)
    •    Wanch 樂隊演出 (2009-2012)
    • 《新一代結他音樂會古典結他》(2007)

    Instructors with professional qualifications
    Daniel owned the following professional qualifications:

    • Trinity College London Music Performance Diplomas (ATCL) Guitar Recital(with distinction)
    • ABRSM Grade 8 Guitar (with distinction)

    Music education work in these twenty years
    Daniel has nearly 20 years of performance experience. Also he is good at different types of music. Besides his performance, he is also passionate about education and had 20 years of teaching experience. He has served as a band and instrument instructor in many schools and social welfare organizations. He is good at helping students handle with examinations, such as: Trinity, ABRSM and Rockschool. Schools and institutions where he has taught include:

    • Marycove School(band instructor )
    • Cheung Chuk Shan College (electric guitar)
    •  Y.M.C.A  Siu Sai Wan Center(band and guitar intructor)
    • TWGHs Fong Shu Chuen  (band intructor)
    • Kowloon Tong School  (guitar intructor)
    • Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School (guitar intructor)
    • Tak Nga Secondary School
    • HONG KONG TANG KING PO COLLEGE(electrical and classical guitar intructor)  etc…

    Since Daniel loves interesting learning vibe. He like to focus on student’s interests and preferences. Therefore everyone can exploring the joy of music and maintaining their passion for performance and improving their style.