Ada ChuVocal Instructor

    Performed in Public at a Variety of Music Events 
    Chu can sing pop music and English songs well, and she has vast professional performance experience, so she has gained the love of star-rated performers, hotels, and wedding banquet organizers.  These are some examples:  

    •  Online guest performer of Wedding Music GoOn 2020  
    •  Singing performer for BP International Hotel Lounge 2017-2020  
    • Backing Vocalist of “關心妍《說》演唱會澳門站” 2015  
    • Guest performer at The Star, Australia, as a welcome gift to Anita Mui in 2012  
    • Guest performer at TVB International Talent and Singing Competition – New Zealand Final in 2012  
    • Guest performer at Rosanne Lui Shan’s New Zealand concert in 2012  

     Graduated from Renowned University, Award and Certificate Winners of Music Competitions
    Chu focuses on personal voice traits and makes full use of them, which led to her victory in the New Zealand Regional Final of the International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship.  In addition, the following awards:  

    • Song title “體會” won the Merit Award at Amusic iStar Singing and Composition Competition 2013  
    • Champion of TVB New Zealand’s International Chinese New Talent Singing Finals 2011  
    • The Postgraduate Diploma of Faculty of Education, The Education University of Hong Kong  
    • Double degree in Music and Linguistics, University of Auckland, New Zealand  

    “Music has the power to influence others”
    Chu grew up in New Zealand before returning to Hong Kong to pursue a profession in early childhood teaching.  She believes in the power of music and spreads her enthusiasm for it by teaching music and languages.  She intends to carry on her interest in music education and child development throughout her life.