Anthony FernandesDrum Instructor

    Drum Instructor, Department of Popular Music Performance
    Jacky Cheung Concert Drummer
    Famous Session Drummer for Concert and Recording Studio 

    Hall of Fame Drummer in Pop Music
    Anthony Fernandes is a hall of fame pop music drummer and has been invited to collaborate with internationally renowned jazz musicians many times, including Grammy Award winners Michel Legrand, Bob Mintzer, James Morisson, Eric Marienthal, James Moody, Richie Cole, Dale Barlow, Jamie Oehlers , Stan Tracey, Georgie Fame, Annie Ross, Clarie Martin, etc. At the same time, he has also performed with Grammy Award winners Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Duke Robillard, Phil Guy, Elvin Jones and Guitar Shorty and other blues musicians. Anthony Fernandes has worked as a concert drummer and recording drummer for more than 200 Cantonese and Chinese pop singers from all over Asia, performing more than 1,500 times. The singers in collaboration include: Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau, Hacken Lee, Andy Hui, Eason Chan, Edmond Leung, William So Wing Hong, Faye Wong, Coco Lee, Joey Yung, Sammi Cheng, Kelly Chen, Elva Hsiao, Miriam Yeung, C AllStar, Ronald Ng Lok Shing, Mark Lui, Joseph Koo, Grasshopper, Shirley Kwan, Janice M. Vidal, AGA, Gin Lee, Sukie Shek, Sally Yeh, George Lam, Vivian Lai, Dicky Cheung, etc. 

    Jacky Cheung Concert Drummer
    Since his debut, Anthony Fernandes has been frequently invited by different record and music production companies to serve as a concert drummer, a well-known and popular drummer in Hong Kong. Including Jacky Cheung’s longest tour “Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Concert” tour lasted from December 2010 to May 2012, with a total of 146 performances. Meanwhile, other concerts include:

    • “Jacky Cheung A Classic Tour” 
    • “Jacky Cheung Live in Concert 1999” 
    • “The Big Four World Tour and Hong Kong Station” 
    • “Leon Lai World Tour Concert 1994” 
    • “Faye Wong Concert Tour” 
    • “Elva Hsiao 閃耀蕭亞軒 2002 Live 演唱會” 
    • “Kelly Chen 星夢情真演唱會” 
    • “IMAGINE NATION Ronald Ng Concert 56x Live 2014” 
    • “CoCo Lee 東南亞巡迴演唱會” 
    • “Andy Hui Concert 2001” 
    • “Andy Hui 98 Concert” 
    • “Edmond Leung Concert” 
    • “Grasshopper Hong Kong Concert” 
    • “Mark Lui THANK YOU Concert 2013”
    • “Hana Kuk live Concert 2023”
    • “One Beat, One World: Connecting Through The Drum Drum Carnival And 5G Live Concert 2023”
    • “Joseph Koo tribute concert 2023”
    • US Jazz Tour September 2022 (with: Eugene Pao,Ted Lo,Sylvain Gagnon)

    On the other hand, Anthony Fernandes is often invited as the drummer for large-scale events, such as “In Loving Memory of Leslie Cheung 2021” held in Harbour City. At the same time, Anthony Fernandes has also recorded live recordings of different albums and popular songs and compiled music works. Currently, more than 400 albums have been recorded. The song works that have been responsible include:

    • Eason Chan “K歌之王” 
    • Eason Chan “怪物” 
    • Joey Yung “13 點” 
    • Sammi Cheng “如何掉眼淚” 
    • Sammi Cheng “終身美麗” 
    • Miriam Yeung “少女的祈禱” 
    • Kelly Chen “我的心跟你一樣” 
    • Andy Lau “另一半” 
    • Eason Chan ” Shall We Dance? Shall We Talk! “ 
    • Miriam Yeung “如果東京不快樂” 
    • Jacky Cheung “Let It Go “ 
    • Aaron Kwok “備忘錄 Memorandum “ 
    • Kelly Chen “拉闊音樂 Music Is Live 2001.11.02 “ 
    • Leon Lai “愛加深” 
    • Kelly Chen “星夢情真演唱會” 
    • Andy Lau “你呼我吸” 
    • Andy Hui “直覺” 
    • Leon Lai “愛比我重要” 
    • Sukie Shek “歲月無情” 
    • Shirley Kwan “戀一世的愛” 
    • Hacken Lee “演奏廳 (Concert) “ 
    • Janice M. Vidal “一埸誤會” 
    • AGA “一” 
    • Gin Lee ” GT “ 
    • C AllStar “時日如飛”, etc. 

    Excellent Musical Talent and Graduated from Famous Music Academy 

    With an excellent talent for pop drum playing, he became the foreman of the Sonny Lobo band at the age of 18. In 1992, he studied music arrangement and composition at the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, California. At that time, he was selected by the dean as one of the most outstanding students and was included in the Dick Grove School of Music recognition list. Anthony Fernandes has more than 1,000 live performances experience and has recorded more than 400 record albums. His strength is beyond doubt. Anthony is active as a pop drum instructor and instructor. He has extensive experience in playing and drumming techniques. He has been invited to perform on many TV shows. Anthony, who is proficient in pop drum performance and music production, has endorsed ZILDJIAN cymbals and Yamaha brands. Anthony’s students are all over the world, and many students have become musicians or enrolled in the famous Berklee College of Music. At the same time, many singers or musicians in the industry learn pop drum playing techniques from Anthony Fernandes, including Aga Agatha Kong, etc. 

    This top-level musician advocates activity teaching teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, and advocates enjoying music with heart. Anthony Fernandes will unreservedly teach what he knows and learn in class and share his years of practical experience on stage.