Cherrie ChoiVocal Instructor

    Vocal Coach of Pop Music 
    Renowned Hong Kong sing and High-fidelity singer
    Regular guest of numerous Hong Kong concerts
    Designated singing teacher of many Hong Kong singers  

    Masterpiece “絕戀”, covered by many known singers
    At age of 16, Choi had her first label 怎麼” as a student singer to make a leap into the music industry, and then became a Hong Kong Pop singer.  Choi published many classics and labels back then, including “Close Your Eyes” which was the top viral song at 881903, “Say You Love Me” top viral song at Jade Solid Gold at Jade Channel of HKTVB.  Many popular singers like Joey Yung and Adia Chan covered Choi’s classic song “絕戀” at their performances. 

    More than 30 years at the music industry with her talent and passion
    Given her sophisticated performance, Choi is still staging on variety of international shows as a professional Hong Kong singer.  Choi held a solo concert in 2018, and she had duet with many local famous bands and artists at their concerts, for instance 對話 duet with George Lam (later covered by Softhard), “等候duet with Tai Chi etc.  Choi has also been recruited as star backing vocals and guest singers in the following concerts: 

    • 林憶蓮演唱會(Harmony Singer
    • 劉德華亞洲巡迴演唱會(Regular Guest Singer
    • 譚詠麟演唱會(Guest Singer
    • Big 4 世界巡迴演唱會》(Harmony Singer)
    • Yellow 樂團演唱會(Guest Singer
    • 張衛健馬來西亞雲頂雲星劇場演唱會(Guest Singer
    • Come On 許志安演唱會 2015》(Harmony Singerand many more

    With Choi’s marvellous performances, she was invited to sing a solo of 《男人的眼淚》by Patrick Tam for his debut 《妄想狂》, she has also been invited many times to be a harmony singer for famous musicians and has participated in recording songs, including: 

    • 王菲 –《執迷不悔》(粵語及國語版)
    • 王菲 –《不再兒戲》
    • 林憶蓮 –《微涼》
    • 林憶蓮 –《多謝》
    • 歐陽德勛 –《困》
    • 林子祥 –《孤身旅者》
    • 蘇芮 – 全張《憑著愛》個人粵語唱片 Demo
    • 何超儀個人唱片(Elastic Rock Demo & Harmony Singer) etc.

    Personal HiFi records entered the sales charts for major records in Hong Kong and Greater China
    Choi has been active in the music industry for many years and has won many music awards. In 2016, Teacher Cai released a Japanese mixed and mastered HiFi record “Echo. I AM HERE” with a new interpretation, which received enthusiastic responses. This record also entered the sales charts for major records in Hong Kong and Greater China, and the limited-edition vinyl record was selected as one of the best albums of the year. 

    The award-winning single was well-received 
    After the release of the new single 信號” in 2018, it quickly entered the music charts in Hong Kong and Greater China, and became the champion song on the Popularity Online Pop Chart of 面包台.  This song also won the “共鳴電音歌曲獎” at the 面包台音樂頒獎典禮 in 2019. 

    Star Singing Maestra
    A Star Singing Maestra who is not only active on stage, but also develops online and behind-the-scenes music work. From 2020 to 2021, she continued to perform online Live Music Shows, sharing different styles of songs. 

    In terms of behind-the-scenes music work, Choi has participated in multiple music professions, from harmony singer to singing instructor and singing competition judge.  She served as a judge at the 3rd International Student Singer Talent Show in Toronto in 2021, as well as singing competition judges for Hang Seng Bank, HSBC, and 新城知訊台「夢想是大」 singing competition.  

    At the same time, Teacher Cai has provided singing guidance for many singers in the industry, including 

    • Ella Koon Yun-na, 
    • JJ Jia Xiaochen, 
    • Olympic champion in women’s gymnastics – Liu Xuan, 
    • Kathy Yuen (湯怡), 
    • Kandy Wong (糖妹)
    • Pinky Lo (羅沛琪) 
    • Cathy Leung Yu Yan 
    • Boy’z,  
    • Rainky Wai Yu Sum, and many others. 

    “Make It Happen!” Make your singer dreams come true
    Choi has been active in the music industry for many years, not only as a singer on records and stages, but also actively participating in music production and activities.  Choi is also actively involved in teaching work and has more than 25 years of experience as a singing teacher, Mandarin teacher, and Cantonese pronunciation teacherChoi serves as a teacher at the Performing Arts Academy and TV stations, and her teaching motto is “Make It Happen! Make your dreams come true!”  She hopes that all students can give their best and become a star.