Steven IpDirector of Vocal Department

    Director of Vocal Department
    Music Producer
    Vocal Teacher of many local singers

    Hong Kong Vocal Maestro 
    Ip has been employed for giving vocal lessons for many Hong Kong famous singers and singing teachers, such as singer: Eason Chan, Kelly Chen, Edmond Leung, Tony Leung, Jason Chan, Jordan Chan, Julian Cheung, Pakho Chao, Janice Vidal, Shiga Lin, Gloria, Robyn@Robyn and Kendy, Hotcha, Jace Chan, Charlene Choi, producer: Edward Chan, Chiu Tsang Hei, Duck Lau etc…

    Also, Ip was recruited for record and voice producer for many international stars and singers, including Tang Wei, Cedric Chan, Steven Ma, Aaron Kwok, Jordan Chan, VRF and many more. 

    Concentrated on training newcomers
    Ip was employed as vocal teacher for many Hong Kong agencies and record companies, as he is skilful at training newbies of the music industry in Hong Kong, including a talent show called “Ten Men Lane” which is a collaboration of J2 Channel of HKTVB and 881903 of HKCBC. 

    Vocal Professional from leading music school
    Ip earned his degree at Dick Grove School of Music in USA, major in singing.  Ip has followed the famous music teacher Stephanie Chan, Mr. Ate Rojas of the USA Vocal Dynamics and Dr. Kim Steinhauer of Estill Voice for vocal investigation.  Ip combined his passion of singing with profound voice theories.  

    And, he is recruited as vocal training instructor of “Baron Singing Group” at Baron School of Music. 

    Famous for voice teaching in local industry
    Ip earned his fame on vocal teaching for more than 25-year of teaching, therefore he often recruited to be interviewed for singing analysis and vocal performance experience from local media companies like HKTVB, HKCBC and Oriental Daily News. 

    Ip has expertise in vocal pedagogy and voice techniques, he created a unique and structured singing lesson content which comprised with key elements of breath support and recording techniques and more in singing.  A lot of singers and students of ours gained much success with his effective approaches in singing. 

    He was widely known as “the Doctor of Singing” His sophisticated approach and experience gained him success, and many insiders or outsiders of the local music industry look up to 

    sherry lai