Patrick LuiVocal Instructor

    Vocal Teacher of Pop Music
    Lead Vocalist of Tai Chi Band
    Music Producer 

    Versatile Popular Singer
    Lui is the lead vocalist of the Tai Chi Band.  He is also a senior vocal teacher and one of the most experienced choral singers in Hong Kong.  He is widely recognized as a “walking CD” in the music industry. 

    Lui has participated in many concerts, and has provided backing vocals for various singers, including Ronald Cheng, Hacken Lee, Juno Mak, Alan Tam, Dave Wang Jie, Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, Joseph Koo, James Wong, Deanie Ip, and Johnny Yip Chun Tong etc He has also focused on teaching singing and providing backing vocals for concerts, with students such as Boyz, Yumiko Cheng, Shawn Yue, Emme Wong, Don Li and others. 

    Talented Composer 
    In addition to singing, Lui is also a talented composer who has created diverse musical works for films, singers, and different media units. He has performed backing vocals for different concerts and events, including:-
    “Ronald Cheng Drive In Ultra: WEE are Ronald Cheng Self-Driving Concert 2021”, 
    “CHILL CLUB Recommended List Annual Recommendation 20/21”, 
    and “Galaxy Years 40”, among others   

    His pop song works include:
    “A Traveller” (music/arrangement) by Eason Chan,
    “為何帶他走” (music) by Andy Lau
    “愛上你的愛” (music) by Don Li,
    “失戀心情好” (music) by Chiu Chung-yu
    and his cover songs “兩個人的幸運” (arrangement)
    and,“心淡” (arrangement). 
    He also composed and arranged “爸爸” for himself.  

    Also, Lui has participated in movie score production in movies include: 

    • 《五虎將之決裂》
    • 《驚天 12 小時》
    • 《燈籠》
    • 《影子敵人》
    • 《鐵男本色》

    Lui won numerous awards and accolades over the years
    He was crowned the Hong Kong Radio Singing Competition Champion in 1978, and his outstanding and unique performances caught the attention of record companies. After forming his rock band, he has won many different music awards, including  

    • “Hall of Fame Band” at the 10th 勁歌王金曲金榜全球華人音樂盛典 Awards,  
    • “Hall of Fame Rock Band Award” at the 2nd 粵語歌曲流行榜頒獎典禮,  
    • “Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs Gold Needle Award” at the 39th Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs Awards,  
    • “最有前途新人獎金獎” at the 9th Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs Awards,  
    • “Best Group Gold Award” at the 勁歌金曲頒獎典禮, and  
    • Champion of the 1st Carlsberg Pop Music Festival with “暴風紅唇”.  
    • Also, Best Original Song Award and Most Outstanding Stage Performance Award for “暴風紅唇”  
    • Best Arrangement Award for “頂天立地” at the 1991 Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs Awards, and, 
    • Ranked 6th on the HIT Chinese Song Chart in Canada with “留住我吧 (Rainbow Version)” etc. 

    The Leader in the local Pop Songs Industry
    With over 30 years of experience in singing rock and pop songs, Lui has a wide range of skills, including singing, harmony singing, and music production. He had once completed the backing vocals for Dave Wang Jie’s entire album in one night, and his production skills and harmony singing are beyond doubt. Lui will share his music production and performance experience in the classroom, helping students achieve breakthroughs in singing. 

    sherry lai