Chris FuRecording and Mixing Instructor

    Recording Mixing Production Instructor
    Sound Engineer, Baron School of Music

    Experienced and Professional, partnership with Ronald Ng
    Chris has worked with Ronald Ng since 2019. He has been developing his recording, editing, and mixing skills at Baron School of Music throughout the years. Also focusing on the sound reproduction as well. He is proficient in this field and has been working on numerous songs.

    Collaboration Project:
    • Louis Koo、Jessica Hester Hsuan、Julian Cheung、Michael Tse、Dada Chan、Louis Cheung、Justin Cheung、Anika、Adam Pak – Theme Song from Motion Picture “G Storm”《Never say goodbye》(Recording and audio track post-editing)
    • Twins —《Femininity》 (Recording and audio track post-editing)
    • Ally —《偶像傳奇》(Recording and audio track post-editing)
    • Ally —《不痛不快》(Recording and audio track post-editing)
    • Gabriel、Selena —《二次緣》 (Recording and audio track post-editing)
    • Joyce Chu —《想不到吧》(Recording and audio track post-editing)
    • Charlotte Wang—《多巴胺》(Recording and Mixing)

    Talented Music Producer
    Chris being familiar with various recording and mixing production tools such as, DAW and Pro Tools. He became a recording and mixing production instructor in Baron School Of Music since 2019. Besides, he serves as a tutor and supervisor for the studio vocal and recording of Units 3 and 4 of the Professional Vocal Recording and Interpretation Skills Certificate Course. He is also good at teaching these following music skills:

    ⦁ MIDI/ Digital Audio
    ⦁ Musical Composition
    ⦁ Song Arrangement
    ⦁ Producer.