DJ GalaxyDJ Instructor

    DJ (EDM/Mixing) Instructor of the Department of DJ
    1998 & 1999 HK DMC DJ Champions
    Asian Supreme DJ and Music Producer 


    Collaborated music units 

     With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, DJ Galaxy has performed in various parts of Asia and collaborated with many well-known singers, including Andy Lau, Edmond Leung, Ivana Wong, Jason Chan, Alex Fung, Rubber Band, C AllStar, FAMA, DJ Tommy, MC Yan, MC Jin, MastaMic, Edison Chen, Chiu Tsang-hei, Wildchild, LMF, Tonick (Little Turtle), Jerald Chan (Swing), Macy Chan, Wong Ip-tung, and Louis Cheung etc. 


    Awards & Honours: 

     DJ Galaxy’s outstanding performance and innovative mixing skills have left a deep impression on people. He has won many music awards, including: 

    •  1998 HK DMC DJ Champions in 1998 
    • 1999 HK DMC DJ Champions in 1999 
    • 中國嘻哈合體 (The Best Of The Hip Hop Music Producer) in 2014, and many more. 

     Extensive live performance experience 

     With outstanding creativity, DJ Galaxy has been invited to participate in various types of performance events, including: 

    • UFODJs @ MAGNUM on 15.1.2015 
    • Exclsive DJ For 何超鳳 (Daisy Ho) Brithday Party in 2014 
    • 流行八十音樂派對 | 屯門市廣場 tmtplaza in 2014 
    • 北京UFODJs @ 2014 Greatwall Music Festival Producer ) in 2014 
    • Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) After Party at Aqua in 2013 
    • RoadShow Live 張繼聰 X Party 音樂派對 in 2013 
    • 北京UFODJs @ 2013 Greatwall Music Festival in 2013 
    • MastaMic 流行反擊戰專輯發佈音樂會 Music Zone@E-MAX. KITEC in 2013 
    • 農夫大馬棟篤演唱會2012 (馬來西亞) in 2012 
    • Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) After Party at Ozone in 2012 
    • 農夫廣州演唱會 08.05 & 06 in 2011 
    • Samsumg Galaxy S II Night at Harbour Grand Hong Kong on 2011.06.14 in 2011 
    • Hong Kong Radio Event – 新城唱好第一擊 DJ with 農夫 on 03.05 in 2011 
    • 何超瓊 Private Party at Isola in IFC 2011.01.08 in 2011 
    • 北京Nike Greater China Tourament Of Champions on 2010.08.05-08 
    • Hong Kong Exclusive DJ Event – 農夫 FAMA Down To Earth Concert on 2010.06.16 
    • 澳門Blue Magic Party at Cubic, Feat.MC Jin & DJ Spyzi Trix on 12th March 2010, and many more.

    Professional music background and contribution 

    As a well-known DJ and music producer in Hong Kong, DJ Galaxy won the championship of the Hong Kong DMC DJ Competition twice in 1998 and 1999, and later became a renowned DJ. He has performed in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, and has served as a judge and guest performer in various DJ competitions, and is very familiar with the standards and requirements of the competitions. DJ Galaxy’s students have participated in various public competitions and achieved excellent results, including: 

    •  DJ Mikey – 2006-2008 Hong Kong DMC Champion 2011 China DMC Champion 
    • DJ Ashy – Pioneer X Milk DJ Quest Champion 2014 
    • DJ Cyrus – Pioneer X Milk DJ Quest Champion 2015, and many more. 

    In 2002, DJ Galaxy collaborated with FAMA, and was responsible for the DJ part. He also composed music for FAMA, such as “風生水起 Feng Sheng Shui Qi” and “24 (Gala Gala Remix 2010)” etc.  In the same year, he and DJ Tommy formed the company “Color Production” and were committed to promoting hip hop music and discovering talent with DJ potential in Hong Kong. 

    In 2012, DJ Galaxy and DJ Tommy formed the DJ group “UFODJs”, and participated in the Top100 DJs music festival in 2014. 

    His music style mainly includes hip hop, R&B, club house, electro, progressive, dubstep, and pop.

    DJ Galaxy has a strong sense of music and rhythm. He believes that to become a professional DJ, it is important to have a love for listening to music and a persistence for music, as there are inevitable challenges and difficulties in the process.