Harris HoPiano Instructor (Pop) and Music Production

    Piano Instructor, Baron School of Music
    Renowned Hong Kong Concert Music Director and Music Producer

    Renowned Producer and Arranger
    Mr. Harris Ho has served as concert music director, music producer, composer, arranger and concert pianist for many famous singers in the music industry. The collaborated singers are Faye Wong, Joey Yung, Sammi Cheng, Hacken Lee, Edmond Leung, Juno Mak, The Grasshopper, Bondy Chiu, Ivana Wong, Eman Lam, Denise Ho, C AllStar, JC, Jan Lamb, Hanjin Tan, Chet Lam, Alexander Fung, Softhard, Joyce Cheng, Mag Lam, Serrini, AGA, Subyub Lee, Cath Wong, etc.

    Multiple Music Awards Winner
    With more than 20 years of experience in music production and performance, the songs produced and arranged by Mr. Harris Ho have also won multiple music awards, including:

    • IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award 2012 “十大數碼暢銷歌曲” “花千樹”
    • 34th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award Concert 2012 “十大中文金曲” “花千樹”
    • RTHK “Top 10 Gold Songs Awards 2018 “牆紙”
    • “903 專業推介” 2020 “南昌街王子”
    • “MetroRadio 新城勁爆本地榜” 2020 “南昌街王子”
    • “RTHK 中文歌龍虎榜” 2020 “南昌街王子”
    • “Chill Club 推介榜” 2020 “南昌街王子”
    • “MetroRadio 新城勁爆歌曲” 2012 “花千樹”
    • “903 專業推介” 2010 “無忘花”
    • TVB “Best 10 Awards Presentation” 2009 “金剛經” , etc.

    Extensive Experience in Music
    Mr. Harris Ho used to be a music improviser and performer at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. And now he is a concert music director for various singers in the music scene. The concerts he has been working for include:

    • “Joey Yung X Hacken Lee Live in Hong Kong 2015”
    • “Pretty Crazy Joey Yung Concert 2019”
    • “Concert YY 黃偉文作品展 2012”
    • “The Grasshopper 25th Anniversary Concert 草蜢 25 週年繼續忘我演唱會 2010”
    • “Eman Lam The Beginning of Faith Live”
    • “Priscilla Chan Priscilla-ism Concert 2016”
    • “Hacken Lee 30th Anniversary Concert 2017”
    • “Miriam Yeung Let’s Begin Concert 2015”
    • “Hins Cheung × Ivana Wong The Magical Teeter Totter Concert 2017”
    • “Edmond Leung Halftime Show 2015”
    • “C AllStar – 生於 C AllStar Concert 2017”
    • “Denise Ho HOCC HOMECOMING LIVE 2010”
    • “Hanjin Tan 十年仁事幾開心 Concert 2012”
    • “Jan Lamb 是但噏 HAPPY MONDAY 2019” , etc.

    Solid Foundation and Experiences in Music
    Practicing piano from a young age and learning flute at the same time. While living in Canada, Mr. Harris was admitted to the École normale supérieure in Paris and majored in piano performance at the Conservatoire de musique de Québec. After that, he returned to Hong Kong to develop his own music career.

    Pop Music Creation Comes from Classical Music Foundation
    Mr. Harris Ho, who is proficient in music production, arrangement, improvisation and various types of music performance, has been invited to attend various large-scale concerts and music shows for many times as the music director, and has extensive experience in improvisation and performance.

    Mr. Harris, who studied classical music in Paris and Canada, entered the pop music career with a classical music degree. Harris is now a well-known concert music producer in Hong Kong.