Lai Ying Tong EdwinaMusic Production Instructor

    Instructor, Department of Music Production
    Composer of “天梯”
    CASH Golden Sail Music Awards 2011 – CASH Best Song Award Winner
    Famous Music Producer and Composer in Hong Kong

    New Generation Musicians
    Since debuting in 2010, Ms. Edwina has often collaborated with new young musicians. Among the many musicians, she has worked with C AllStar more often than other artists, and she is known as the “fifth person” of C AllStar.

    Besides that, she has collaborated with the following singers: Barry Ip, G.E.M., Kenny Chung, Sammi Cheng, Gigi Leung, Wilfred Lau, Terence Siufay, On Chan, Tiffany Vicky Chan, Percy Fan, Keith Chung, Connie Lai, Daniel Chan, Angela Hui, Tang Siu Hau, Zpecial, Ella Koon, Jim Yan Chi Hong, SoulJase and so on.

    Phenomenal Musical Achievements
    With her ingenious composition style, she has composed more than 50 hits and pop songs, and her works have also won multiple music awards, including:

    • CASH Golden Sail Music Awards 2011 -Best Melody”天梯”
    • CASH Golden Sail Music Awards 2011 -Best Song”天梯”
    • CASH Golden Sail Music Award 2012 – “第四屆顧嘉輝新生代音樂奬” Award Winner
    • 33rd Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award Concert – Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs”天梯”
    • 14th Chinese Music Media Awards – 年度粤语歌曲 “音樂殖民地”
    • Canadian Chinese POP Music Chart 2012 全國推崇十大歌曲(粵語)”少數”
    • Jade Solid Gold 2011 優秀選第一回–得獎歌曲”天梯”
    • Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2011 – 搜尋十大人氣歌曲”天梯”
    • Canadian Chinese POP Music Chart 2011 – 全國推崇十大歌曲”我們的胡士托”(粵語)
    • Jade Solid Gold Best 10 Awards 2011 – 十大勁歌金曲獎”天梯”
    • Jade Solid Gold 2012 優秀選第二回 – 得獎歌曲”少數”
    • Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards 2012 – 新城國語力歌曲”天梯”
    • Metro Radio Hit Music Awards 2012 -新城勁爆歌曲”少數”
    • 全港民意流行音樂頒獎禮 2012 – 十大最受歡迎歌曲第九位”少數”
    • SINA Music 樂壇民意指數頒獎禮 2012 – SINA Music 最高收聽率二十大歌曲”少數”
    • Jade Solid Gold 2017 優秀選第一回 – 得獎歌曲”一刻戀上”
    • Jade Solid Gold 2017 優秀選第二回 – 得獎歌曲”此刻無價”
    • Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2017 – 人氣 MV”一刻戀上”
    • Metro Radio Hit Awards 2017 – 勁爆歌曲”一刻戀上”
    • Jade Solid Gold Best 10 Awards Presentation 2017 – 勁歌金曲獎”一刻戀上”
    • Jade Solid Gold 2016 優秀選第一回 – 得獎歌曲”夜幕天星”
    • Hit Awards 2015 – 新城勁爆卡拉 OK 歌曲 金獎”時間之光”
    • Jade Solid Gold 2014 優秀選第一回 – 得獎歌曲”時日如飛”
    • Hit Awards 2014 – 新城勁爆歌曲”時日如飛”
    • Jade Solid Gold 2013 優秀選第一回 – 得獎歌曲”音樂殖民地”, etc.

    Innovative Music Experience
    Edwina has been actively involved in the music industry so far and invited to participate in music shows and concert music directors, keyboardist, Stage play, TV series and government advertisement.

    Popular song works include:

    • “天梯” (Composer: Edwina Lai / Arranger: Edwina Lai, Adrian Chan@Sense))
    • “重生” (Arranger: Edwina Lai / Producer: Edwina Lai, On Chan)
    • “深夜告別練習” (Composer: Edwina Lai, Zpecial / Arranger: Edwina Lai, Zpecial / Producer)
    • “80 後時代曲” (Composer: Edwina Lai, 簡@groovision / Arranger)
    • “iSing” (Composer)
    • “全情關注”(Composer / Arranger)
    • “我們的胡士托” (Composer / Arranger)
    • “大同” (Composer / Arranger)
    • “音樂殖民地” (Composer/ Arranger)
    • “六神合體” (Composer/ Arranger)
    • “時間之光” (Arranger)
    • “開竅” (Arranger / Producer)
    • “錯的情・錯的人” (Composer: Edwina Lai / Lyricist: Edwina Lai / Arranger: Edwina Lai, Andy Leung@C AllStar)
    • “再不再見” (Composer: Edwina Lai / Arranger: Edwina Lai / Producer: Edwina Lai, 簡@groovision) “砒霜之後” (Composer / Arranger / Producer)
    • “We are 驅魔人” ViuTV TV Drama Theme Song (Composer / Arranger / Producer)

    Stage plays and related project works:

    • “解憂雜貨店”Chung Ying Theatre Company’s Stage play (Composer/ Arranger)
    • “虛擬“弊”傢伙” 錢家有道 Commercial Theme Song (Arranger)
    • “大偽術爸”Chung Ying Theatre Company’s Stage play (Composer)
    • “陽關道”Astro 集團 TV series soundtrack (Composer), etc.

    Concerts that have participated:

    • “生於 C AllStar 演唱會 2017”(Music Director and Keyboardist)
    • “C AllStar C AllLive 2015” (Music Director and Keyboardist)
    • “FRUTIPS x C AllStar Juicy 演唱會”(Music Director and Keyboardist)
    • “叱咤樂壇 9 月 1 Back to School Live 音樂會”(Music Director and Keyboardist)
    • “一個人一首歌 X 大館「聖誕/老人」音樂劇場”(Music Director and Orchestra Arranger)
    • “摘星天梯”(Music Director and Band Leader)
    • “音樂情書”(Music Director and Band Leader)
    • “903 ID CLUB 拉闊音樂會 2011 C AllStar x 林二汶”(Keyboardist), etc.

    CUHK Master in Music with Serious Teaching Attitude
    Ms. Edwina Lai graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master of Music, and is currently a musician under Media Asia Music. In addition to her position as a professional musician, Ms. Edwina is a guest lecturer at Hong Kong Design Institute and The
    Open University of Hong Kong. She has been invited by major media and organizations to give personal lectures, sharing sessions and write columns, such as:

    • “蛙步千里音樂路” by Chung Chi College – The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • “JOOX 音樂夢飛翔 School Tour” – Total 110 Hong Kong Higher Education

    Institutions and Secondary Schools

    • “與眾筆彤” Column – Headlines Magazine, etc.

    Edwina has served as a guest lecturer at university for many years. There is no doubt about her teaching and speaking ability, and she is even more caring for students.