Ronald NgPresident and Music Production Instructor

    Founder & Dean of Baron School of Music 

    Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection in 2011 

    Composer for “說散就散,” which won the IFPI Global Top 10 Digital Single Award, and the song’s click-rate on the platform has surpassed billions. 

    Best Composer of Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation in 2015 


    Musician in the Music Hall of Fame 

    Ronald Ng Lok Shing, the dean of Baron School of Music, is well-known throughout the Chinese-speaking world as a hall-of-fame musician in the Hong Kong music industry and has mentored many great vocalists.  He has worked with over 200 artists, including the following (in no particular order):  Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok, Louis Koo, Andy Hui, Twins, Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, David Zee Tao, Faye Wong, Mavis Fan, Eric Suen Yiu Wai, Jade Kwan, JC, Eason Chan, Kelly Chen, Liza Wang, Julian Chan, Joey Tang, Paul Wong, Patrick Lui, Tony Leung, Wilfred Lau, Miriam Yeung, Stephy Tang, Ronald Cheng, Ekin Cheng, Joyce Cheng, Sammi Cheng, Janice Vidal, Edmond Leung, Kary Ng, Julian Cheung, Hacken Lee, Juno Mak, Kay Tse, Sammi Shum, C AllStar, William So, DJ Tommy, Vincy Chan, Tia Ray, After Journey, BooM, Joyce Chu, Bibi Zhou, Bella Yao, Hins Cheung, Alfred Hui, Shawn Yue, Alex Fong, Richie Jen Hsien-chi, Ho Ka Lee Lillian, Stephanie Ho, Candice Yu, 佳文, Duck Lau, Angela Au, Jacklyn Wu, Jinny Ng, Lawrence Chou, Kathy Chau, 周英杰, Niki Chow, 唐堯麟, Barry Ip, 夏曉晴, Stefanie Sun, Terence Siufay, Girls’ Sample, Jeff Chang, 張德豪, Lillian Cheong Man Lei, Cass Phang Ling, Kate Tsui, Charles Ying, Akina Hung Fong Kin Yee, Charmaine Fong, Johnny Tseng, Lee Harin, CoCo Lee, Karena Lam Kar Yan, Raymond Lam Fung, Mag Lam, Justin Lo, Gia Lin, 林鵬, Hailie Leung, Isabella Leong, Gigi Leung, 毛澤僑, Elanne Kong, Shum Y, Keng Hung, Ocean, Vincent Wan Ka Hang, Wen Chao, Will Pan, Shawn Rolling, Det Dik, Dave Wang Jie, Vincent Wong Ho Shun, Wong Cho-lam, 田原BLUE, 田羽生, Candy Lo Hau Yam, Josie Ho, Jessica Kan Shuk Yi, Lo Ka Hou, Lana Lo, Paisley Hu Pui Wei, Hubert Wu Hung Kwan, Grace Ip Pui Man, Barry Ip, Rainky Wai Yu Sum, Charlene Choi, Edward Sir, Wada Hiromi, Jam Chum, Jim Chim Shui Man, Michael Tse, Halina Tam, Alan Tam, Bondy Chiu, Stephanie Che Yuen Yuen, Rammie Goo, Terry Zou, Patrick Tang Kin Wang, Gillian Chung Yan-Tung, Mia Yam, William Chan, Edison Chen Koon Hei, Charlie Chan, Victor Chen Sze Hon, Paris Chan, BoBo Chan, Daniel Chan Hiu Tung, Jason Chan Pak Yu, Jolie Chan, Wind Sea Fire, The Hong Kong Children’s Choir, Mayao, Zac Kao, Karene Mak, Emme Wong, Christopher Wong, Wong You Nam, Lung Siu Kwan, Lowell Lo Kwun Ting, Priscilla Chan Wai Han, Samuel Hui, G.E.M., Dear Jane, Jill M. Vidal, Shiga Lin Sze Nga, Chan Wing Him, AS ONE, JW, Amanda Lee Wai Man, REVE, Hoffman Cheng Sai Ho, Ivan So Wai Kiu, 柳妍𤋮, Kris Law Kai Chung, Alan Ho, Auston Lam Si Kit, Ally Tse, Vivian Koo Ya Wei, Angela Hui Ching Wan, Lillian Chan Hoi Tung, Sherman Chung, Angela Pang Ka Lai, Lil’ Ashes, Mischa Ip Hau Lam, Trekkerz, Harrison Wong, Shandy Gan, Lillian Wong Ho Lam, Phil Lam, Edmond Tong, Ryan Lau, Gin Lee, Robynn & Kendy, KeevaMak Ka Yu, Chau Yan Ting, 柳妍, 1n1, SISTERS, 2R, AJ, AKA, AOA, BOYZ, Freeze, HOTCHA, James Poon, SKY MFM SQUARE, Super Girls, Rain Li Choi Wa, and many more. 


    Brilliant music achievements  

    His outstanding compositions, which include pop songs, movie theme songs, and soundtracks, have earned him the title “the Seminal Figure in Cantonese Pop Music.”  Throughout his musical career, Ng has created and produced over 600 personal music compositions with very cinematic elements.  They have all won several honours, including the Hong Kong Film honours, the Ultimate Songwriter Award, and the Best Music Producer Award, to name a few:- 


    • Ultimate Songwriter Award at 2015 Ultimate Song Chart Awards, 
    • Top 10 Global Digital Single of 2018 at the IFPI Global Digital Single Awards for his composition of “說散就散” by JC Chan, 
    • 說散就散” by JC Chan for 2019 CASH Widest Performance Award (Digital Song)  
    • “Infernal Affairs” – Best Original Film Song at the 22nd Hong Kong Film Awards, 
    • 羅生門” (by Juno Mak / Kay Tse)  – Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award & 全球華人至尊金曲獎 at 38th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award, 
    • Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection in 2011, 
    • 我們的紀念冊by Twins 2002 IFPI Hong Kong Record Sales Award for Best Selling Music, 
    • CASH Golden Sail Music Awards for Most Newly Performed Creations (Composer) from 2002 to 2004, 
    • 下一站天后by Twins for Best Arrangement at Jade Solid Gold Best 10 Awards Presentation in 2003, 
    • Kary Ng’s “In Control“,  Edmond Leung’s “No.10”,  Miriam Yeung’s 電光幻影“,  Nicholas Tse’sBelieve” – 四台聯頒音樂大獎 for Best Album, 
    • Juno Mak’sAddendum” – Record of the year at 2015 Ultimate Song Chart Awards 
    • Juno Mak / Kay Tse’sthe album and the rest of it” – Record of the year at 2019 Ultimate Song Chart Awards, 
    • 我們的紀念冊by Twins – Record Concept & Producer at IFPI Hong Kong Record Sales Award for Best Selling Music in 2002, 
    • 非走不可” by Nicholas TseTop 10 Gold Songs Award for Best Song Producer in 1999, 
    • 一生一火花” by Jacky Cheung – Top 10 Gold Songs Award for Most Popular Advertising Song in 2000, 
    • 羅生門 by Juno Mak / Kay TseCASH Golden Sail Music Awards (Digital Song) in 2015, 
    • King of Song Composer Award and King of Song Producer Award at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards in 2003, 
    • TOUCH Icon Award in 2006,  
    • East Week Gold Award for Best Musician in 2007 
    • TISSOT Stylist-T The Stylist型」樂大獎, and 
    • 伍樂城幻想集 Imagine Nation2014 IFPI Hong Kong Record Sales Award for Best Selling Music, Movie, and TV Original Soundtrack and Compilation Album, among others. 


    The Leader of Canto Pop  

    Over the course of his music career, Ng has composed and produced over 600 of his own music creations, with very cinematic characteristics that most people find appealing, such as: 

    無間道》- 劉德華/梁朝偉 (Composer/Arranger) 

    說散就散– JC 陳詠桐 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    羅生門》- 謝安琪/麥浚龍 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    男朋友》- 古天樂 (Composer/Arranger) 

    刻不容緩》- 容祖兒/李克勤 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    天才兒童1985》- 張敬軒 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    下一站天后– Twins (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    誰來愛我》- 容祖兒 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    悲觀生物學》- 容祖兒 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    耿耿於懷》- 麥浚龍 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    非走不可》- 謝霆鋒 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    無聲仿有聲》- 謝霆鋒 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    風箏與風– Twins (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    念念不忘》- 麥浚龍 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    最愛演唱會》 – 陳慧琳 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    我可以忘記你》- 黎明 (Composer/Producer) 

    閃靈》- 楊千嬅  (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    鍊金術》- 楊千嬅 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    咬唇》- 楊千嬅 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    合久必婚》- 李克勤 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    時光倒流二十年》- 陳奕迅 (Composer/ Arranger) 

    今期流行》- 古天樂 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    逃避你》- 容祖兒 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    誰來愛我》- 容祖兒 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    何苦》- 容祖兒 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    阿門》- 容祖兒  (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    夏意識》- 郭富城 (Composer/Arranger) 

    一步一生》- 許志安 (Composer/Arranger) 

    一生一火花》- 張學友 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    薰衣草》- 陳慧琳 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    好朋友》- 梁漢文 (Composer/ Arranger) 

    衣櫃裡的男人》- 梁漢文 (Composer/ Arranger) 

    有人》- 麥浚龍 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    沒有人》- 麥浚龍 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    十個他不如你一個》- 衛蘭 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    愛後餘生》- 謝霆鋒  (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    戀愛大過天– Twins (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    相愛6年》– Twins (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    半邊生命》- 梁漢文 (Composer/Arranger/Producer) 

    情人甲》- 許志安  (Composer/Arranger/Producer) etc. 


    Expert Singing Juror 

    In addition to his roles as producer, composer, and musician, he has been invited to serve as a judge for singing competitions and music composition competitions, including large-scale singer selection programmes, music entertainment programmes, and music competitions or award ceremonies organised by television stations, radio stations, government agencies, brands, charities, colleges and universities, secondary schools, private institutions, and non-profit or charitable organisations. These are some examples: 


    • STARS Academy by HKTVB 
    • CASH 
    • EEG New Talent Singing Championship 
    • Hong Kong Film Awards 
    • Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award 
    • 中國音樂金鐘獎中國流行音樂超級聯賽 (簡稱中國音超” ) 
    • The Voice by HKTVB 
    • Hong Kong A Cappella Contest 
    • 快樂男聲歌唱比賽 – Hong Kong etc. 


    Educated at prestigious music and performing arts institutions 

    Ng comes from a classical music background and began playing the piano at an early age, as well as studying the trumpet with renowned maestro and conductor Mr. Wong Alfonso. At the age of 13, he began studying trumpet with Mr. Henry Nowak and piano with Ms. Nancy Loo, a well-known Hong Kong pianist, at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, becoming the institution’s first junior music student. Ng also played in several wind and symphony ensembles, including the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra, where he was the lead trumpet. Ng attended Berklee College of Music in Boston after graduating from high school, where he got a dual degree in Music Production and Engineering and Film Scoring. 


    Music Authority 

    As a music authority, Ng is passionate not only about making music but also about cultivating creative persons who want to work in the music industry. He established the Baron School of Music in 2006 to provide a learning platform for music-loving students who want to become professional musicians. Since its inception, the institution has successfully trained a number of professional musicians, including: 


    • Hong Kong lyricist – Cheung Cho Kiu 
    • Hong Kong female singer – JC Jennifer Chan Wing Tung 
    • Hong Kong composer – Dominic Chu 
    • Hong Kong music producer and film score composer – Samuel Chan, and many more. 


    Global Chinese Golden Song Award – 羅生門 

    In 2015, Ng was awarded the Ultimate Composer Award at the 2015 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation. The song “羅生門” (Composed, Arranged, and Produced by Ronald Ng, sung by Juno Mak and Kay Tse) was listed in the Top 10 of the Ultimate Song Chart Awards, also won the Ultimate Album Award, the 2015 iTunes Best Song Award (Hong Kong), the CASH Best Performing Award (Download Category) at the 2016 CASH Golden Sail Music Awards, and the Yahoo! Search People’s Choice Award for the Hottest Search Song in 2015. The song also won the Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs and the Global Chinese Golden Song Award at the 38th Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs Awards Presentation. 


    IFPI Global Top 10 Digital Single Award – 說散就散 

    From 2016 to 2019, the song “說散就散 by JC Chan, composed by Ronald Ng was a chart-topping hit on various music platforms in mainland China, including JC Chan’s original version (with over 110 million views on YouTube) as well as numerous cover versions, including TIA Yuan Yawei’s version used as the theme song for the movie “The Ex-File 3: The Return of the Exesand versions by A Fu and BooM Wang.   These versions also occupied the Top 10 positions on various music charts, including the “雲音樂新歌榜“,  “雲音樂飆升榜“,  “雲音樂熱歌榜” “ QQ音樂巔峰榜新歌“,  “ QQ音樂安利XS巔峰榜流行指數“, and “快手快手直播App 10大最熱門歌曲” and many more. 

    Additionally, TIA Yuan Yawei’s version produced by Ng won the Global Chinese Song Chart in 2018: Song of the Year, Top 5 Most Popular Film and Television Song of the Year, Top 5 Best Composer of the Year, and “The 26th Annual Oriental Billboard Music Festival Top 10 Songs of the Year.” It also won the “2019 CASH Best Performing Award (Digital Song)”. 

    In 2019, TIA Yuan Yawei’s version of “說散就散 by JC Chan made history by becoming the first Chinese-language song to be listed in the “IFPI Top 10 Global Digital Single of 2018” and was ranked 7th on the list, making it the highest-ranking Chinese song on the global IFPI chart. 


    Ng has written over 500 songs, and produced over 650 songs, composed music for 68 films/radio plays, written 28 film theme songs, and cooperated with more than 200 vocalists since entering the industry.  Numerous awards have been bestowed upon his works, including the Best Song Producer Award at the 1999 Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs for the song “非走不可” (by Nicholas Tse), the Gold Award for the Most Popular Advertising Song at the 2000 Top 10 Chinese Gold Songs for the song “一生一火花” (by Jacky Cheung), and the Concept and Production of the Year award at the 2002 IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Awards for the album “我們的紀念冊” (by Twins). 


    He has also won numerous awards as a music producer, including the Album of the Year award at the RTHK Music Awards for albums such as “In Control” (by Kary Ng), “ 10 ” (by Edmond Leung), “電光幻” (by Miriam Yeung), “Believe” (by Nicholas Tse), and the Ultimate Album Award at the 2019 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation for “the album and the rest of it” (by Juno Mak and Kay Tse).  He also received the Hong Kong Composers’ and Authors’ Society’s CASH Award for Most Performed Works by a Writer three years in a row, from 2002 to 2004.  Some of his notable works include “說散就“, “羅生“, “下一站天“, “念念不“, “無間“, “耿耿於“, “非走不“, “誰來愛“, “風箏與“, “悲觀生物“, “最愛演唱“, “合久必“, ” 刻不容“, “天才兒童1985“, “我可以忘記“, and many more. 


    In addition, Ng has also dedicated himself to composing music for films.  His published works include “A Chinese Ghost Story”, “The Storm Riders II”, “Lavender”, “God of Cookery”, “ Elixir of Love ” and others.  He has also written theme songs for several films, notably “Infernal Affairs,” for which he won Best Original Film Song at the 22nd Hong Kong Film Awards and Most Memorable Theme Song at the 10th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Film Election.