Yu Yat YiuLyric-writing and Music Production Instructor

    Instructor of Lyric-Writing Department and Music Production Department
    Star-rated Lyric-Writing Instructor, Department of Lyric-Writing, Baron School of Music
    Best Original Film Score Nominee of Hong Kong Film Award
    Versatile Star-rated Lyricist
    Music Producer, Lyricist, Composer and Arranger in Hong Kong

    Collaboration with Well-known Singers
    Mr. Yu worked on the soundtrack, stage makeup, and image design in 1997. Following that, he was invited by a friend who worked at a record label to create the song “再見二丁目”, which was sung by Miriam Yeung and marked an important turning point in his life. Miriam Yeung, Anthony Wong, Juno Mak, Jason Chan, Eman Lam, Alfred Hui, Vincy Chan, RubberBand, and others have worked with Yu as well.

    Awards and Nominations
    Mr. Yu actively participates in the composition of pop songs, film soundtracks, commercials and theater music. His works have been nominated and awarded at many awards ceremonies:

    • In 2012, “Wanna be”, along with Eman Lam and Arai Souichiro won the CASH Golden Sail Music Awards 2012 – CASH Best Song Award
    • In 1999, the soundtrack of the film ” Hold You Tight(越快樂越墮落)” was nominated for the best original music at the Hong Kong Film Awards
    • In 1999, the musical “玉女添丁” was nominated for the Best Creative Music Award in the Hong Kong Drama Awards

    Music Composition and Production Works
    Mr. Yu is actively involved in music composition, lyric writing, arrangement, and production, as well as soundtrack creation for films, advertisements, and theater shows. Mr. Yu also performs with Miriam Yang and Alfred Hui. He has a diverse musical experience, therefore he can compose music from lyric-writing or music production perspectives. In lyric writing, he has a better knowledge of the composition’s inspiration and the message he wishes to convey. As a result, he can work from a broad range of musical styles. Musical pieces include:

    • “追憶” – Alfred Hui (Producer)
    • “再聚” – Eman Lam (Producer: Yu Yat Yiu, Eman Lam, Ng Cheuk Yin)
    • “十五種生存的方法” – Jason Chan (Producer)
    • “白紙” – Alfred Hui (Composer/ Producer)
    • “假如讓我說下去” – Miriam Yeung (Composer)
    • “慌” – Alfred Hui (Producer: Yu Yat Yiu, Alfred Hui)
    • “Negative” – Alfred Hui (Lyricist: Yu Yat Yiu, T-rexx / Producer: Yu Yat Yiu, Kiri T)
    • “十” – Alfred Hui (Producer: Yu Yat Yiu, Edgar Hung)
    • “你可能未必不喜歡我” – Alfred Hui (Producer: Yu Yat Yiu, Edgar Hung)
    • “我們與愛的距離” – Alfred Hui (Producer: Yu Yat Yiu, Randy Chow)
    • “單數” – Alfred Hui (Producer: Yu Yat Yiu, Shan Ho)
    • “超友誼” – Eman Lam, 6號@RubberBand (Producer: Yu Yat Yiu, Edward Chan, Eman Lam)
    • “最後的信仰” – Eman Lam (Producer: Yu Yat Yiu, Eman Lam)
    • “神奇之旅” – Alfred Hui (Lyricist: Yu Yat Yiu, Alfred Hui / Producer)
    • “再見二丁目” – Miriam Yeung (Composer)
    • “沒關係不是愛情” – Miriam Yeung (Lyricist / Producer)
    • “天橋” – Miriam Yang (Lyricist)
    • “清潔愛” – Vincy Chan (Lyricist)
    • “艷舞台” – Anita Mui (Composer), etc.

    Film Soundtracks:

    • “Hold You Tight (越快樂越墮落)”
    • “Love Is Not a Game But a Joke (飛一般愛情小説) “
    • “戇星先生”
    • “Nomad (烈火青春)”
    • “Twelve nights (十二夜)”
    • “The Island Tales (有時跳舞)”
    • “Spacked Out (無人駕駛)”, etc.

    Concert Works:

    • “Wong Yiu Ming: People Mountain People Sea (黃耀明人山人海演唱會) “
    • “Four Seasons Plus<四季> “, etc.

    Musical works for theater show:

    • “Dummy Mommy, without a Baby (玉女添丁)”
    • “石頭再現記”
    • “山海經”
    • “進念二十面體”
    • “非常林奕華”
    • “The Nonsensemakers (糊塗戲班)”, etc.

    Versatile Music Background
    Mr. Yu underwent conventional musical training in a range of Chinese and Western musical instruments, including piano, organ, pipa, and Zhongruan, after graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Department of Geography with a minor in music. Mr. Yu spent many years working in the soundtrack department of ATV (Asia Television Limited) after graduating from university. He now works full-time as a composer for films, video games, commercials, and theater productions, as well as supervising, composing, lyric-writing, and producing albums for local pop artists.

    Mr. Yu is a lyric-writing instructor at Baron School of Music and one of the founders and primary members of the music production firm People Mountain People Sea (人山人海). He is currently a freelance creator who has also written a food culture blog and released books on the subject.

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