Danny ChengVocal Instructor

    Pop Music Vocal Instructor, Department of Vocal, Baron School of Music
    Hall of Fame Backing Vocalist in Hong Kong
    Senior Professional Backing Vocalist in Hong Kong
    MIRROR’s Vocal Instructor

    Hall of Fame Backing Vocalist
    Cheng has been working in the music industry for over 30 years and holds an important position in the Hong Kong music industry. He has worked with many top music groups and singers, including George Lam, Eason Chan, Hins Cheung, Hacken Lee, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Lowell Lo, Sally Yeh, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Roman Tam, Sandy Lam, etc.

    Taught by Famous Teachers
    Mr. Cheng received vocal training in the choir since he was a child, and also learned singing skills from the famous soprano Madam Lola Young and the Chinese Vocal Member of the Chinese Musicians Association-Li Jing.

    In terms of music creation, Cheng won the “突破第二屆現代民歌創作大賽” with the song “青鳥” and was included in the “青蔥小徑” record album.

    Being a Rare Find Male Backing Vocalist
    Cheng is one of the few live Male backup Vocalists active in Hong Kong performances, and he is engaged as a world tour backup vocalist by major music entertainment businesses in countries such as the United States and Canada, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, China, and others. He attended about a thousand shows.


    MIRROR’s Vocal Instructor
    Cheng, a talented singer, is now working as a vocal instructor and has extensive singing experience. He possesses exceptional singing and performance abilities. He has been invited numerous times by the media to act as a star-rated vocal instructor. For example, as the vocal coach of MIRROR on ViuTv’s “Be a Better MIRROR”

    Cheng strives to be a practical and easy-to-understand teacher, using famous songs as lesson themes so that students can learn and enhance their singing talents in a comfortable and joyful environment. At the same time, he works to simplify complex ideas so that students can conquer and minimize the weight of singing in order to boost their singing confidence.