Gloria TangVocal Instructor

    Vocal Instructor, Department of Vocal, Baron School of Music
    Famous Hi-Fi Disc Queen in Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Top Female Singers’ Backing Vocalist

    Professional Backing Vocalist
    Sammi Cheng’s concert backing vocalist and also being a backing vocalist for others hall of fame singers, including : Sally Yeh, Steven Liu, Susanna Kwan, Joseph Koo, Jenny Tseng, Adam Cheng, Elizabeth Wang, Connie Mak, Jackson Wan , Dave Wang, Cheung Wai Man, Paul Wong, The Grasshopper, Priscilla Chan, Leon Lai, Sammi Cheng, Andy Hui, Miriam Yeung, Leo Ku, Kelly Chen, Kelly Chen, Daniel Chan, Shino L, Ivana Wong, Hins Cheung, Joyce Cheng, Kay Tse, Mag Lam, Nancy Sit ,Hacken Lee, Andrew Lam, Ronald Ng etc… She has been active since her debut, participating activities included:

    • “Love Mi Sammi Cheng World Tour Concert “
    • “Show Mi Sammi Cheng World Tour Concert “
    • “Ladies & Gentlemen Miriam Yeung World Tour Concert”
    • “Andy Hui On and On 25th Anniversary Concert”
    • “Summer Pop 2011 The Grasshopper Concert”
    • “Liu Chia-Chang Concert”
    • “Susanna Kwan Concert”
    • “Sally Yeh Concert”
    • “Jenny Tseng 愛 Show Farewell World Tour”
    • “Dave Wang World Tour”
    • “Artistes 512 Fund Raising Campaign”, etc…

    Multiple Music Awards Winner
    Gloria, who has been active in Hong Kong’s music industry for many years.She has received high praise from everywhere for her songs and
    performances. The awards include:

    • IFPI Hong Kong Record Sales Awards 2016 – Top 10 Best-selling Cantonese Records “Timeless”
    • IFPI Hong Kong Records Best-selling Awards 2015 – Top 10 Best-selling Cantonese Records “Our Moments”
    • IFPI Hong Kong Records Best-selling Awards 2012 – Local Best-selling Female Newcomer Award
    • IFPI Hong Kong Records Best-selling Awards 2018 – Local Best-selling Female Newcomer Award
    • 6 th Microfilm Production Support Scheme – Silver Award for Best Actress “Miss You Much”
    • 5th Microfilm Production Support Scheme – Bronze Award for Best Actress “

    Unique Singing Voice, All-round Soundtrack Vocalist
    With her sweet voice, Ms. Gloria is popularized by a wide range of media and Hifi enthusiasts. Since her debut, she has accepted invitations from different medias and companies to hold personal concerts or serve as concert guests. Concerts that have been held include:

    • “Gloria live Concert 2019” solo concert
    • “Gloria x Joey Hui 好友甜蜜蜜音樂會”
    • Metro Info FM99.7 and WSM Entertainment “Sing 級靚聲演唱廳”
    • Headlines Magazine “Astell&Kern Gloria GloriaAlive” concert guest, etc…

    Has been invited as guest:

    • “Music Hotpot Live”
    • “D100 好唱口 Keep On Singing 特別版”
    • 發燒玩家《歌者戀歌》 Session Host
    • “WSM Music 星級靚聲演唱廳(HiFi version)”
    • “Joe Mok 愛在旭秋金曲 35 年演唱會”
    • “Let It Go 2020 Online Countdown Concert”
    • “Hong Kong Singer Channel Live Concert”
    • RTHK2 “2000 靚歌再重聚
    • Guests of the Hong Kong Blind Union “音樂自由行” Concert, etc…

    Film scoring and commercial project works:

    • Independent Film “信”
    • Independent Film “粵.歸.緣”
    • Independent Film “蛋撻”
    • Commercial “區議會選舉選區分界建議公眾諮詢”
    • Commercial “Breathe Right”
    • Commercial “Long Far Beauty & Healthy”
    • Commercial “Amway”
    • Commercial “Horizon Hotels”
    • Commercial “Polident”, etc…

    Extensive Experience in Performance, Recording and Singing
    Gloria has evolved from a singer-songwriter to Queen of Hi-Fi Disc. Her outstanding singing skills have been appreciated by record companies and music producers. She debuted for more than 15 years and has published many solo records and songs, including:

    • “零時十分”
    • “我願意”
    • “喜歡你”
    • “心裡日記”
    • “愛的輓歌” (“音樂永續” work)
    • “Touching”
    • “Love Gloria”
    • “Simply Love”
    • “Good Afternoon Gloria”
    • “Timeless”
    • “Our Moments”
    • “Perfect Match”
    • “My Voice Story”
    • “goodmorningloria”
    • “Black coffee & broom candy”
    • “Home Buddies”
    • “原諒我是我”
    • “順”
    • “香港八幾”
    • “沒有你什麼都沒有(國)
    • “漫步人生路”, etc…

    All-round Vocal Interpretation
    She was raised in a musical family and received piano training since childhood. Afterward, she was appraised and developed into a full-time musician by the senior record producer Alan Tsui Yat Kan. She has many years of experience in large-scale events, concerts and records recording. Therefore, Gloria has an in-depth understanding of singing methods and techniques in different venues and environments.