Hang LaiMusic Production and drum Instructor

    Drum Instructor, Baron School of Music
    Yamaha Asian Beat Band Competition 1st Runner-up

    Well Known Drummers in Hong Kong
    Hang has been active in the music industry over 20 years, one of the most experienced drummers in Hong Kong. He has been collaborated with many musicians, singer and artists, such as, C AllStar, Sita Chan, Khloe Chu, Firmin So, Ella Koon, Perry Chiu, Bianca Wu, Face To Face, Simon Lo, Alex Lee, Bill Chan, Kenneth Chan and Edgar Chan etc…

    Experienced Drum performance 
    Mr. Lai did many drum performance, he is an experienced drummer in music industry. In 2014, he joined the band “John Chen Ensemble”, composed by famous composer and guitarist Dr. Johnny K.P.Chan. They finished ten music concerts in Hong Kong. Also, he invited as a drummer of many concert and Tv shows as well. Those concerts are included:

  • 《C AllStar 2011 演唱會》
  • 《Sita Chan MUSIC CONCERT》
  • 《Khloe Chu 2011 Live Concert》
  • 《樹盟音樂舞台劇》
  • 《紅樓夢音樂舞台劇》
  • 《十大一世愛演唱會 2014》
  • 《十大過二十演唱會 2010》
  •  Band Awards with His Professional Qualifications
    Hang hold a Rockschool Grade 8 Passed with Distinction certificate as a professional certification. His amazing drumming abilities earned him several music award, which is proof certain of his musical ability. Those Awards are included:

  • Yamaha Asian Beat Band Competition 2012 Second place
  • Tuen Mun Beach Festival 2012 Second place
  • Incredible Music Talent
    Hang is a talented musician with excellent drumming technique. In addition to being good player of drums, he also had many years of experience in music production. He worked as a composer and producer for many international brands for producing advertising music and theme songs. Those song including: GOODWAY, Hello Kitty, Game One, Wharf T&T, Asana360, iclub hotels etc…

    In 2018, Hang joined a Hong Kong junior singing competition “Loving Family Music”. He was responsible for song arrangement and being a producer in this project. The song “Baby I Love You” had won the bronze award in this competition. On the other hand, he served as song arranger and producer for the “Hong Kong Society for The Blind” for producing the song “Starry Night”, which won the TOP 5 honor in Australia’s NOVA Employment short film competition.

    Experienced Music production Background
    Hang collaborated with many singers and artists as a song composer, arranger and producer. Those projects included:

  • Yan Oi Tong Charity Show – Charity Shows 2022(Soundtrack)
  • 日出過山車 –  Jade Kwan x ECH – Evangel Children’s Home 65th anniversary theme song (Composition)
  • What It’s Like to Love – Taiwan music micro movie《Espresso》first episode(arrangement/producer)
  • 如果可以退後 – Hong Kong Youth Services 2021 anti-drug songs(arrangement/producer)
  • Rove with love – Wharf T&T portable Wi-Fi theme song(arrangement/producer)
  • 重生門 – Asana 360(arrangement/producer)
  • It’s time to shine- St Hilary’s Primary School 2022(arrangement/producer)
  • Because You’re My Hero – iclub hotels(composition/arrangement)
  • 英雄之城 – Game One《英雄之城》mobile game theme song(composition/arrangement/producer)
  • 《Fusicianz 2023香港大會堂音樂會》(drums/composition/arrangement)
  • 2023 創+作第十屆金獎微電影《打乞嗤 Bless You》主題曲Meterverse(composition/arrangement/producer)
  • 本地樂隊Relic CD製作(mixing/editing)
  • Collaboration projects :
    •  JoJo Li – I Hate that(composer/arranger/producer)
    • WingWing Au – 愛神箭(composer/arranger/producer)
    • LALA Ngai – 失戀症候群(arranger/producer)
    • LALA Ngai – 忘憂草(監)
    • Ophelia So – 愛到跌至谷底(arrangement/producer)
    • Ophelia So – 完美佈局(composition/arrangement/producer)
    • Mascara – Ladies Night(arrangement/producer)

    Band and poetry projects:
    • Memories (Remix)
    • 痴情意外 (Remix)
    • Poetry project- 財神到 (Remix)
    • Poetry project –爸爸的肩膊(composition/arrangement)

     Passionate Music Instructor 
    Apart from music production and performing, Hang has experiences and passion for music education. He also educated a group of talented students. He always shares his knowledge and experiences to his students. He hopes those knowledge and experiences can inspire every student and able to apply in different situations.